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Position, geographical features

Last update date January 11, 2019


Summit level in Izumi Ward, wide bo map
The Izumi Ward most highlands, wide bo

Izumi Ward is located in the southwestern part of Yokohama-shi and, in the city, is adjacent with Asahi Ward, Seya Ward, Totsuka Ward. In addition, across Sakai River, Aizawa River drifting to city boundary, we contact with Yamato-shi and Fujisawa-shi. Position of Izumi Ward government office becomes 139°29'19" E, 35°25'04" N.

In the east end of ward, in Ryokuen 7, the west end, as for the East-West distance, in about 6.0 kilometers, the south end, in Shimoiida-cho, the north end, distance of the north and south is about 7.8 kilometers at Ryokuen 7 in Kamiiida-cho.

Geographical features

The area of the Izumi Ward accounts for 5.4% of whole Yokohama-shi (435.29 square kilometers) at 23.56 square kilometers and is the tenth size in the city.

Sakai River, Aizawa River flows through city boundary contacting with Fujisawa-shi, Yamato-shi, and Izumi river, Akuwa river, Udagawa drifts in ward. Each three rivers flowing through the ward is branch of the Sakai River, and Izumi Ward is included in basin of the Sakai River completely. We have abundant water veins under the ground any place other than the river, and there is much number of springs, and place where water is rich is characteristic of Izumi Ward. River forms terrace geographically in gentle hill country and gives change.

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