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Izumi Ward life, disaster prevention map

Last update date March 27, 2020

Map cover

On January 31, 2020, we issued new "Izumi Ward life, disaster prevention map". We distribute in Izumi Ward the first floor of the government office Public Relations Section (the 101st window).

You can see even PDF file of this page, but recommend print with high quality when you are printed.

To Izumi Ward inhabitant of a ward life map for GIS from this

Please use Izumi Ward inhabitant of a ward life map (the outside site) for GIS.

Life map aspect (Izumi Ward complete chart)

Life, disaster prevention map general view (reduction)

Map (PDF: 14,705KB) of the whole Izumi Ward becomes one piece of PDF file. As file size is big, please be careful.

Life map aspect (figure of division into four of Izumi Ward)

We can print on A3 paper. (each image comes to have around 5mm and coming at the same time.)
Please click town and village name under map image to increase. (PDF file opens.)

Life map (division into four)

The map northwestern part

The map northeastern part

Izumi-cho, Izumi-Chuo north, Izumi-Chuo south, Kamiiida-cho, Shinbashi-cho, Nakadamachi, 1, Nakatakita, 1, Nakatanishi - 2, Yayoidai (PDF: 2,460KB)Valley, Okatsu-cho, Katsurazaka of pond, 1, Shirayuri - 3, Shinbashi-cho, Nakadamachi, 1, Nakatakita - 3, 2, Nakatahigashi - 4, 1, Nishigaoka - 3, Ryoke 1 - 4, Ryokuen 1 - 7, Yayoidai (PDF: 2,651KB)

The map southwestern part

The map southeastern part

Izumi-cho, Izumi-Chuo south, Kamiiida-cho, Shimoiida-cho, Nakadamachi, 1, Nakatanishi - 4, lower 1, Izumi - 5, sum 1, Izumigaoka - 3 (PDF: 1,653KB)Nakadamachi, 2, Nakatanishi - 4, 1, Nakatahigashi - 3, Minami Nakata 1 - 5, 1, Shirayuri - 2 (PDF: 1,759KB)

Disaster prevention map side

Look at link about disaster prevention, disaster information of Izumi Ward including disaster prevention map.

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