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Information for Izumi Ward synthesis government building parking lot

Last update date April 1, 2020

There was a charge for parking lot of ward government building, the city hall from February 1, 2010.
You were able to use parking lot free, but will have you bear parking rate in the case of the use from February 1 so far.
It should be pay, but free for a certain period of time, done can use the next agency by procedure, consultation from the viewpoint of equitableness and benefit principle with person who uses public transport, and grinds agency, appropriate utilization promotion of parking lot, traffic, environment measures by review of use of car.

The use time for Izumi Ward synthesis government building parking lot

Open 24 hours
But it cannot stock and forward during 22:00-8:00.

Charge of Izumi Ward synthesis government building parking lot

List of charges
Weekdays (from Monday to Friday) (is excluded on holiday)Holiday (Saturdays, Sundays and holidays)
8:00-22:00200 yen/30 minutes8:00-22:00200 yen/30 minutes
22:00-8:00100 yen/60 minutes22:00-8:00100 yen/60 minutes

Maximum rate on that day

Maximum rate on that day

1,400 yen

Management administration, parking lot-designated manager

Japanese parking
0120-48-0015 (24h call center)

Person (example) available free for a certain period of time

Table which is targeted for free of charge for a certain period of time

Free object

Free time (※ 1)The use division
Ward officePublic hallThe general use
Person who comes to ward office by procedure, consultation60 minutes
The Check ups for Infants and Toddlers, person who can receive group Vaccinations and protectorThe use time
The impaired person and caregiver (※ 2)The use timeX
Person who comes to meeting that city holds
(limited to client of city)
The use time
Low-emissions vehicle ("hybrid car" spreading at electricity, plug in hybrid (present is inapplicable.) Fuel cell, natural gas car) the use (※ 3)The use timeX
The use applications for public hall who comes for procedure30 minutes

(※ 1) It is 60 minutes, 30 minutes each from parking time that we become free of charge.
(※ 2) I would like the presentation of certificate of the physically disabled, notebook of love, mental patient health welfare notebook.
(※ 3) I would like the presentation of vehicle inspection certificate.


・Window of ward office is crowded with procedures for moving very much from February through April. When it is over one hour in rush hours, we are charged a fee. When you come to ward office, please use public transport if possible.
・In the case of the use, it becomes only visit of event in inhabitant of a ward hall and restaurant, stand outside reduction of taxes application.
・For basement parking area, there is headroom of 2.2m.


Civic Affairs Bureau area facility section (page about parking lot charge)
Telephone: 045-671-2086
FAX: 045-664-5295

Izumi Ward General Affairs Division (the third floor 305th)
Telephone: 045-800-2313
FAX: 045-800-2505

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