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The ward group manual "IZUMI"

We gather the current situation of Izumi Ward based on various statistics data and make every year.

Last update date March 30, 2020

The latest ward group manual "IZUMI"

March, 2020 issuance

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Main event to affect Izumi Ward until from 1878 to 2019

Position, the area every town of the Izumi Ward, plan site area, Neighborhood Association, the Neighborhood Associations participation situation

Change (society change, natural change) of the population increase and decrease, the lunch nighttime population ratio, age-specific composition ratio according to town

The number of the offices according to industrial macrotaxonomy, the number of employees

Changes such as the industrial number of the number of the offices, the employees, the amount of manufacture shipment

The commercial number of the number of the offices, the workers, the annual amount of product sale, commercial office composition ratio according to classification during industry

The number of total farmhouse farmhouses, management cultivated area area,
The sale farmhouse agriculture work force, the farm products planted area

Composition ratios of city tax income

The number of reports, breakdown of family register, resident registration, change of foreign population, the situation of foreign population according to area, nationality

Change of number of the people insured, participation rate, change of medical expenses premium per person, change of premium storing rate

Changes of the number of the people insured, the number of the receipt number of people according to pension , the total recipients

Breakdown and change of the welfare health consultation number of people,
Change of the number of the number of the The Long-term Care Insurance first insurers, the certification for long-term care people, change of membership of senior club,
Change of the number of the care insurance facility, entrance capacity, change of the number of the community care plazas, number of users

Change of the number of consultation, change of protection receipt situation, protection costs, change of the number of household classification welfare family

Change of the number of consultation, the number of consultation contents breakdowns, consultation rate according to Check ups for Infants and Toddlers division,
Change of the number of the number of capacity, the being on the register roll of nursery school, the facilities, change of the number of the waiting-list children

Changes of the prevention consultation number according to types such as mouse, bee, the number of number of registration of dog, complaint receptionists

Another number of the households, household staff such as type, how to build houses, own house rate

The number of the parks, park area, green coverage ratio

Road rate, paving moment, car ownership number, each station vehicle ridership in ward, moving number of illegally parked bicycle, motorcycle

Number of traffic accident outbreaks according to town, change of the total number (the number of the injured, the death toll)
The number according to the criminal law criminal division of acknowledgement, change of the damage situation, the number, cause of fire occurrence,
Change, the number of the medical facilities, bed capacity of number according to division, total number of emergency participation, the death toll according to the main causes of death

The water supply number of houses, annual use quantity of water, consumption per one household of 1st,
The gas demand number of houses, annual consumption, consumption per one household of 1st,
Changes of quantity of annual collection of burnable garbage and recyclables, recyclable materials, discharge per day per person

The use situation according to division of spring public hall, teatorufonte, spring sports center,
Breakdowns of user according to district center

The number of the number of the schools, the elementary school student number of students, the teachers according to division, the number of class, elementary school student student, the teachers according to elementary and junior high school

Person of opening day, admission, registrant, number of Izumi Library users, the collection of books, rental number of books, the number of reference, breakdown of the collection of books

Turnout of each election, turnout according to distinction turnout, election district of "July 21, 2019 member of the House of Councilors ordinary election" (electoral district)

About evacuation sites at the time of disaster evacuation shelter (evacuation shelter), evacuation area, people unable to return home temporary stay facility

About tree of flower, ward of emblem mascot character, ward of Izumi Ward,
Around Izumi Ward synthesis government building figure, homepage Instagram account guidance

The past ward group manual "IZUMI"

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