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2014 inhabitant of a ward attitude survey

Last update date August 19, 2020

We carried out investigation to grasp thought for the administration of a ward of inhabitants of a ward or opinion to push forward the administration of a ward to be satisfied with by inhabitants of a ward at Izumi Ward government office.
We express sincere appreciation for all of you who had you cooperate with investigation while you're busy.

We publish investigation summary and result below.

Investigation summary

  • 3,000 inhabitants of a ward living in subjects of survey Izumi Ward 20 years or older
  • We randomly select from extracting method Basic Resident Register
  • Investigation method mail distribution, mail collection
  • Investigation time from August 1, 2014 to August 18
  • 1,588 number of the collections (52.9% of recoveries)
  • About investigation item life awareness, shopping action, local action, the welfare measure, public information, public hearing

Findings report

Findings report (summary version) (PDF: 916KB)

Findings report collective downloading (PDF: 5,172KB)
Findings report division downloading
Cover - table of contents (PDF: 640KB)
Attribute (PDF: 844KB) of investigation summary - respondent
・Count analysis
1.About overall living environment (PDF: 1,705KB)
2.About domiciliation intention (PDF: 836KB)
3.About everyday traffic action (PDF: 866KB)
4.About everyday shopping action (PDF: 1,064KB)
5.About assisting in area (PDF: 894KB)
6.About health promotion (PDF: 697KB)
7.About welfare for the elderly, the person with a disability welfare (PDF: 703KB)
8.About child care support (PDF: 1,375KB)
9.About young upbringing (PDF: 675KB)
10. About approach of disaster prevention (PDF: 1,092KB)
11. About public information, public hearing (PDF: 1,126KB)
12. About the spring administration of a ward (PDF: 750KB)

Questionnaire (PDF: 909KB)

Findings count data

Simple tabulation (Excel: 144KB)
Count (Excel: 5,144KB) according to attribute


Ward Administration Promotion Division Planning and Adjustment Section (the third-floor 307th window)
Telephone: 045-800-2331
FAX: 045-800-2505

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