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Legal advice

Last update date January 6, 2020

Information for legal advice

Consultation conduct day (by appointment only)

Every month first 3.5 Tuesday: From 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. (one less than 30 minutes)

Methods of reception desk

We accept reservation at window of telephone and Public Relations Section from Tuesday one week ago.
(except holiday and year-end and New Year rest agency day)
We accept from weekdays after the next day when the reception desk start date is holiday.
Reception hours is 5:15 p.m. from 8:45 a.m.
Reception desk Phone number: 045-334-6221, 045-334-6222, 045-334-6223

  • Please consult with Public Relations Section about person wanting legal advice by FAX in hearing person with a disability beforehand.
    FAX number: 045-333-7945

Eligible people

Yokohama citizen (as a general rule, residence in ward is given priority. Person living in outside of a ward makes a reservation after the next day)
In addition, we cannot talk about repetition of the same item.
I may decline consultation of different item in short term by the same person in total.
(I would like your understanding and cooperation to cope with much consultation.)


  • We perform by interview of lawyer in consultation booth of Public Relations Section.
  • Consultation time is less than 30 minutes. Consultation is free.
  • When lawyer gives an explanation that law that accepted your consultation contents is common about legal advice of Public Relations Section targeting at Hodogaya inhabitants of a ward, and solve problem; is intended to have refer to. We can receive advice from lawyer about future correspondence whether we should ask expert for way, solution to procedure for coping method and legal means for problem.
  • In this "legal advice", we do not perform making of documents such as contract or answer. In addition, we cannot ask lawyer in charge of consultation for solution and concrete work.
  • You keep secret as the handling only in this "legal advice", and please talk about consultation content in peace as you do not announce at all.
  • In addition, as a general rule, about case to advocate next, you cannot use this "legal advice".
  1. When it is already asked lawyer
  2. When consultation contents are examining during suit now in court
  3. In the case of consultation of repetition of the same item


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