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Hodogaya Ward town development plan revision original bill

Last update date February 28, 2019

Hodogaya Ward town development plan (Yokohama-shi city planning master plan Hodogaya Ward plan) fixes its eyes on the future about 20 years later and, as basic policy of town development of Hodogaya Ward, is devised in 2002, and the next more than 15 years pass.
In Hodogaya Ward, we performed revision that we put together in the situation of social economic turn of eventss and town which changed in 15 years.
In this page, we publish opinion offer result for revision original bill that we made in July, 2018 and revision original bill.

Hodogaya Ward town development plan revision original bill (July, 2018 making)

* The whole sentence (PDF: 7,267KB)

* It is for the division
Cover, table of contents (PDF: 141KB)
About the opening Hodogaya Ward town development plan (PDF: 605KB)
The present situation and problem (PDF: 3,900KB) of 1 town development
The future urban image (PDF: 803KB) which aims for 2
Policy (PDF: 2,063KB) of 3 town development
Town development (PDF: 2,039KB) according to 4 areas
Promotion (PDF: 455KB) of 5 town development
Glossary, reference (PDF: 565KB)

About opinion offer

We carried out opinion offer for revision original bill.
Thank you for many opinions, suggestion.
Subscription for 1 period
From Wednesday, July 11, 2018 to Friday, July 27
2 submission methods
Mail, FAX, E-mail or electronic application system
3 opinion offer results
Civic opinion offer result (PDF: 254KB) for revision original bill

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