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The town of Hodogaya Ward art 

The spread of songs of Hodogaya inhabitant of a ward school festival, inhabitant of a ward gallery, inhabitant of a ward coherence type concert, ward

Last update date March 12, 2020

Hodogaya inhabitant of a ward school festival

Group belonging to inhabitant of a ward school festival executive committee spends in March in the next year from September and, in public hall, Iwama Community/Civic Plaza, carries out Hodogaya school festival "inhabitant of a ward photo exhibition" "inhabitant of a ward entertainment festival" "tea party" "flower arrangement exhibition" "contact concert" "child art theater" "elementary school elementary school student concert" "elderly person exhibition" "chorus festival" and "hodogaya DancePerformance" as culture event.
※It was decided that "hodogaya DancePerformance" canceled holding for new coronavirus infectious disease extended prevention. I'm very sorry, but we would appreciate your understanding to all of you who waited expectantly for holding.
The 32nd Hodogaya inhabitant of a ward school festival

State of the 31st Hodogaya inhabitant of a ward school festival

Inhabitant of a ward gallery business

We display culture work of inhabitant of a ward to display case which we installed in two places in the first floor of the ward office and Hodogaya Station building. We introduce display work of inhabitants of a ward using mediums such as homepages so that work is seen in many people.

Inhabitant of a ward gallery display work

Inhabitant of a ward coherence type concert

We carry out concert with orchestras which local came from for the purpose of having you offer music that is excellent quality to inhabitants of a ward and enjoy casually and invite inhabitant of a ward free. We hold community-based concert that even with parent and child can participate in casually.
Hodogaya community orchestra (the outside site)

The 14th Hodogaya inhabitant of a ward concert

State of the day
It was held on July 7, 2019.
There was fewer than the unfortunate number of people that had you apply for visitors in having been rainy, and I was sorry for weather, but was able to enjoy live performance of orchestra.
Performance content
①Flushing Win's (station wagon Dell roast)
②Forget me (Bach/lead arrangement)
③dai ⼀ suite (Holst) for wind music
④Old-fashioned dance music and aria third suite (Respighi) for lute
⑤Comic opera "bat" overture (the Johann Strauss second)
⑥Fantasy overture "Romeo and Juliet" (Tchaikovsky)
Conduct ︓ God ⽥ shogo

The song spread business of ward

Chorus where song "our town, Hodogaya" of ward that we established in commemoration of the Hodogaya constituency system 80th anniversary in 2007 are organized in inhabitants of a ward appears on events and works on the spread.
Related site
My town Hodogaya exercises

Our town, Hodogaya score♪

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