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Public information Yokohama advertisement

It is public information paper publishing area information or the administration of a ward information that are familiar to citizen. It is distributed to each household through Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations. It is recruiting advertisers to issuance now in April, 2021.

Last update date April 21, 2020

Public information Yokohama summary
Appearance 12-24 pages of tabloids
Issuance time Every month 1st
Area 18 wards of city (ward version page varies in contents for each ward)
Distribution method Through Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations, it is distributed to each household in the city
  • Local information
  • The administration of a ward information
Origin of issuance
  • City version: The city hall public hearing consultation Service Department public relations section
  • Ward version: Each ward office Ward Administration Promotion Division Public Relations Section
The number of copies, link to page of each ward version
The ward name and the number of copies (Mon) The ward name and the number of copies (Mon)
Tsurumi Ward (124,300 copies) Kanazawa Ward (89,100 copies)
Kanagawa Ward (107,400 copies) Kohoku Ward (138,300 copies)
Nishi Ward (51,300 copies) Midori Ward (69,700 copies)
Naka Ward (78,300 copies) Aoba Ward (117,900 copies)
Minami Ward (92,700 copies) Tsuzuki Ward   (73,400 copies)
Konan Ward (90,900 copies) Totsuka Ward (109,300 copies)
Hodogaya Ward (91,200 copies) Sakae Ward (49,800 copies)
Asahi Ward (98,000 copies) Izumi Ward (66,900 copies)
Isogo Ward (73,500 copies) Seya Ward (51,800 copies)

Page of each ward version is this place
It is the number of copies as of April, 2020.
Total circulation of 18 wards of city becomes about 1.58 million copies every month.

Information for advertisement notice
(wide X length, unit: mm)
Each page footline, basic 241 X 70 (possible on 2 frames separately)
The number of the frames 4 frames (2 frame for all cities, each ward version 2 frame) ※When it varies according to ward and the moon, there is
The number of the colors Four colors
Advertisement charges Please refer to Yokohama mediaado (the following)
  • You can apply for publication by one ward of unit (up to 18 wards).
  • About publication side, the number of the frames, the number of the colors, advertisement charges, the detailed space frame situation, please refer as follows.

[application, inquiry]
Yokohama mediaado charge: The third sales department section #1 telephone: 045-450-1808 FAX: 045-450-1817
Yokohama mediaadoebusaito (the outside site)

Inquiry to this page

The Civic Affairs Bureau public information consultation Service Department public relations section

Telephone: 045-671-2332

Telephone: 045-671-2332

Fax: 045-661-2351

E-Mail address [email protected]

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