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About designated manager system

Last update date August 18, 2020

About the management administration main constituent of "public facility", law that (management trust system) limited to public bodies by Local Government Act revised a part of the Local Government Act was enforced from the viewpoint of securing of publicity from promulgation, September 2, the same year on June 13, 2003, and designated manager system that was entrusted management administration to in private business person was established.
We plan improvement of inhabitants service while utilizing private ability for management of public facility to be more effective, and to support inhabitants needs to diversify with designated manager system effectively and are intended that we plan reduction of expense.
About the management administration situation of facility which designated manager goes, we announce "business plan" submitted by designated manager "business report".

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List of Port and Harbor Bureau jurisdiction-designated management facilities

Lists such as facilities
Name of the facilityDesignated managerDesignated period startThe designated period endBusiness planBusiness reportJurisdiction section contact information
Related facilities such as Rinko Park (Seaside Park)Yokohama international peace conference room (the outside site) (PDF: 6,464KB)
2017 (PDF: 2,418KB)
2018 (PDF: 299KB)
2019 (PDF: 1,970KB)
2016 (PDF: 6,148KB)
2017 (PDF: 555KB)
2018 (PDF: 836KB)
Bustle promotion section
TEL: 671-2888
Large san kyokokusaikyakusen (the outside site)
Terminal (the outside site)
Association of Yokohama Port promotion ・
Kanagawa newspaper publisher, HARIMA B.STEM
Consortium (PDF: 1,582KB)
2017 (PDF: 6,600KB)
2018 (PDF: 1,472KB)
2019 (PDF: 6,840KB)
2016 (PDF: 4,778KB)
2017 (PDF: 1,851KB)
2018 (PDF: 3,922KB)
Passenger ship business promotion section
TEL: 671-7272
Nippon-Maru Memorial Park (the outside site)Sail Training Ship, Nippon Maru memory foundation ・
JTB communication design
Consortium (PDF: 745KB)
2017 (PDF: 8,174KB)
2018 (PDF: 1,238KB)
2019 (PDF: 987KB)
2016 (PDF: 8,464KB)
2017 (PDF: 1,460KB)
2018 (PDF: 1,155KB)
Bustle promotion section
TEL: 671-2888
Yokohama Port symbol tower (the outside site)Shosen Mitsui Kosan (the outside site) (PDF: 2,622KB)
2017 (PDF: 4,524KB)
2018 (PDF: 815KB)
2019 (PDF: 1,189KB)
2016 (PDF: 3,847KB)
2017 (PDF: 3,795KB)
2018 (PDF: 371KB)
Bustle promotion section
TEL: 671-2888
HakkeijimaHakkeijima, Yokohama (the outside site) (PDF: 3,001KB)
2017 (PDF: 1,594KB)
2018 (PDF: 1,281KB)
2019 (PDF: 416KB)
2016 (PDF: 2,426KB)
2017 (PDF: 2,067KB)
2018 (PDF: 1,429KB)
Bustle promotion section
TEL: 671-2888
The sea zuri facility and (the outside site)
Daikokufutou tip green tract of land (the outside site)
AEON DELIGHT (the outside site) (PDF: 1,324KB)
2017 (PDF: 11,407KB)
2018 (PDF: 8,362KB)
2019 (PDF: 4,447KB)
2016 (PDF: 14,368KB)
2017 (PDF: 11,520KB)
2018 (PDF: 5,129KB)
Bustle promotion section
TEL: 671-2888
Related facilities such as distributionYokohama Port Wharf (the outside site) (PDF: 608KB)
2017 (PDF: 291KB)
2018 (PDF: 272KB)
2019 (PDF: 281KB)
2016 (PDF: 939KB)
2017 (PDF: 1,458KB)
2018 (PDF: 1,944KB)
2019 (PDF: 7,707KB)
Distribution administration section
TEL: 671-7261
Harbor-related welfare facilities(one) Association of Yokohama harbor welfare program (the outside site) (PDF: 409KB)
2017 (PDF: 306KB)
2018 (PDF: 310KB)
2019 (PDF: 365KB)
2016 (PDF: 126KB)
2017 (PDF: 175KB)
2018 (PDF: 133KB)
2019 (PDF: 967KB)
Distribution administration section
TEL: 671-7261

★☆★About information about the third-designated manager choice★☆★

★☆★About information about second (from 2011 to 2015)-designated management★☆★

★☆★About information about the second-designated manager choice★☆★

★☆★About information about the first (from 2006 to 2010)★☆★

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