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Woman entrepreneur promotion business to glisten

Last update date June 30, 2020

1 business summary

We conclude agreement with large commercial facilities, department store with pulling power and, in store, provide (woman entrepreneur promotion weeks to shine) at opportunity when sale publicizes products and service of woman entrepreneur and are business to have you learn practical sale know-how.
In addition, in store exhibit toward store buyers beforehand to exhibition "Yokohama woman entrepreneur COLLECTION" (under an alias: side this) publicizing own products, service on opening a store, and, after matching with store, is decided in people of store branch.
Besides, in this wide, we can carry out acquisition and sale test marketing of new customer to perform product sale for general visitors.
In 2020, we establish special WEB site and hold exhibition "Yokohama woman entrepreneur COLLECTION2020" on online. We do not perform product buying and selling in WEB site.

It recruits exhibitors as of 2! [the deadline: on Monday, July 13 mail documents must arrive]

The details such as offer contents or application method, please identify homepage.

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Recruitment of 3 online participants briefing session

We hold online briefing session using ZOOM. Prior application is necessary from homepage (the outside site).
■The first Friday, June 19 10:00-11:30
■The second Friday, June 26 19:00-20:30
■The third Wednesday, July 1 10:30-12:00
■The fourth Monday, July 6 13:30-15:00
※Participation in briefing session is not necessary condition of application.

4 social media

We send the latest information at any time in Facebook, Instagram.

5 references

The woman entrepreneur promotion business secretariat (trust company WILL Co., Ltd. partners) to glisten
TEL: 045-211-5595 (weekdays: for from 9:00 to 17:00) E-mail: [email protected]

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Telephone: 045-671-4236

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