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System summary of local subsidized housing for elderly people

Last update date July 2, 2020

System summary

Yokohama-shi cooperates with private business person based on "local subsidized housing system summary" of country and carries out "area subsidized housing for Yokohama-shi elderly people" system to supply lease house where elderly person household feels relieved and can enter with appropriate rent burden. We utilize barrier-free house which private landowners maintained by some assistance to maintenance costs, rent reduction assistance as public lease house.

1.Condition of site

[site area]

In area designated for urbanization, it is principle house system or pro-commerce restricted zone


Being almost less than 20 minutes on foot from the nearest railroad station
(including range where convenience that is equal to this is secured by bus transit)

[life convenience facilities]

There are almost medical facilities such as Internal medicine, Orthopaedic surgery and store selling perishables, daily necessities on foot from site within 20 minutes


Road before reaching nearest railroad station and medical facilities, store not having slope and stairs affecting walk of resident

2.Contents of house to maintain

[dwelling unit]

More than five houses (jointly-based or tenement house-built), barrier-free specifications, 25m2 or more

[facilities for elderly people]

We install emergency call facilities in going to bed room, rest room, bathroom (essential)
We can add "life support facility" or "social welfare facility".

3.Supporting contents

[maintenance costs assistance]

(1) 1/6 (more than number of floors 3) of housing construction costs or 1/9 (number of floors 1 or 2)
(2) Doorstop limit

43 square meters or more…1.6 million yen/
Less than 43 square meters 30 square meters or more…1.3 million yen/
Less than 30 square meters…1 million yen/
※It is necessary to construct in the city company, and to place an order to receive maintenance costs assistance from Yokohama-shi.
(with the city company, base of thing that the location of thing that the location division in general competitive bidding qualified person list prescribed in Yokohama-shi rule No. 59) Article 7 is the city, Main Store in register or main office is the city and main business says individual company which is the city and group which is not registered by register in Yokohama-shi contract rule (March, 1964.)

[rent reduction assistance]

The balance of onooekikachin (resident burden) set of original rent of house by incomes of entering household. In the case of 0-40% of rank, entering household assists for income ((※) that there is the upper limit)
In addition, rent is rent of vicinity similar lease house or less. When resident burdens become sum of rent or more, there is no assistance.
※The supporting upper limit is monthly basis 40,000 yen. We apply to article authorizing supply plan after January, 2011

4.Entering eligible people

  • Couple households alone old elderly person (60 years or older) household
  • Entering is possible own house resident, rented house resident together
  • City residence or working
  • Person who is not gangster
  • (※) which is with 387,000 yen or less of amount of household monthly income after income calculation

(there is rent reduction assistance for income about household of 0-40% of rank)
※About the amount of upper limit of the amount of household monthly income, we apply to article which authorized supply plan after 2007
In addition, it must recruit residents by open call for participants.

5.Life support service

  • Company must carry out emergency correspondence service, safety confirmation service depending on request of resident by all means.
  • Company can carry out other services for option.

<< example >> Health care, consultation service, housework support service

6.Method of management of house

[management period]

For ten years, 15 years, we choose from 20 years

[person of administrative task]

All eight companies (as of June, 2020)

[supply method]

"Management trust model" by person of administrative task, it is three kinds of "management type "debt upper die" directly"
※As for the details, please see summary, efficiency including local subsidized housing system summary for Yokohama-shi elderly people of relationships.

About recruitment of companies


Maintenance of house where elderly person can live in peace becomes urgent business to correspond to aging society progressing rapidly.
Particularly, it is important to characteristic of elderly person who prevents drop of body function of elderly people, and lets period when we become independent and can live extend as much as possible to plan supply of house for considered elderly people.
Therefore Yokohama-shi raises companies which can supply "local subsidized housing which coped with needs of the times for Yokohama-shi elderly people".
In offer, we have you submit business schedule and choose schedule of business to have you devise supply plan using the offer number of houses as an indication from schedule that there was of application.

2. About offer of 2020

1.Recruitment of companies schedule

  • The offer number of houses: Around 120 houses
  • Reception desk period: From Monday, October 26, 2020 to Monday, November 2
  • The schedule choice: December, 2020 (plan)

2.Briefing session for companies

Holding of briefing session this year should be cancellation for new coronavirus extended prevention.
When you encounter application of schedule, please refer to recruitment of companies material in following 2020.

3. 2020 company offer material

1. Point of selection criteria revision of 2020

In late years storm and flood damage to bring serious damage in various parts of Japan is generated, and steady further promotion to beat of safe town development resisting disaster is demanded.
Therefore we made the text about "measures to disaster" for local subsidized housing maintenance standard for Yokohama-shi elderly people newly and decided to take measures to disaster appropriately. Furthermore, we added selection criteria to evaluate plan to contribute to improvement in local disaster prevention power. In addition, we reviewed standard about interchange function, environmental performance to plan house performance gain and barrier-free. (please see recruitment of local subsidized housing companies essential point for Yokohama-shi elderly people about the details in 2020.)

2.Offer essential point, application style downloading

3.Question and answer

It is question and the answer sent about recruitment of past companies.
As law and selection criteria may be different from the present, please use for reference.

4.2019 choice result

We performed recruitment of companies for 150 new construction types in 2019, and there was application of 157 4 housing complex.
We choose 133 3 housing complex and assume 24 1 housing complex the choice with condition precedent.

Person of administrative task of subsidized housing (specific management corporation)

We can download list from this. (June, 2020 update)

For application of business schedule, we can do designated application of person of administrative task (specific management corporation).

Summary, the point, maintenance standard downloading

Please download summary, the point than the following.

※It is necessary to meet local subsidized housing maintenance standard.

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Person who does not have can download free of charge from Adobe company.
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