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The budget for 2020 Asahi Ward "making of a certain unit-related ward promotion costs"

"Promotion costs made with a certain unit-related ward" are voluntary budgets that were founded to be independent, and to be able to work in business that paid its attention to correspondence of familiar problem, request of area (inhabitant of a ward) and individuality of ward.

Last update date February 13, 2020

Way of thinking of 2020 budget

Improvement to the downtown area by the opening of business of line direct to Sotetsu, JR in access and use of the old top Seya communication facilities of land, movement of town development including approach for holding of international gardening exhibition activate. We catch this plane and enjoy culture, sports while coming in contact to water, green, flower close, and dispatch creates charm of Asahi Ward bringing up child.
On the other hand, we let you devise community-based welfare health planning and promote and accelerate movement of various partnership with company, group, school in viewpoint of SDGs including on-demand bus proof experiment to cope with various problems accompanied with progress of super-aged society and work on solution of complex problem.

Town which is connected by attractive dispatch, water, green, flower, sports, culture

We polish charm of ward that we shared with ward inhabitants as the next stage of the 50th anniversary of the Asahi Ward birth for realization of "town Asahi Ward which continues being chosen" until now, and charm that accorded with the move in actual situation based on analysis of person of move in questionary survey to carry out newly sends. Furthermore, through support to event that we made use of maintenance of flower bed by inhabitant of a ward collaboration and rich nature in, promotion of "boccia" that multi-generation can participate in and various cultural activities, we promote local connection.

Creation of the suburbs of SDGs city of the future part model

We let you accelerate solution of area problem such as large-scale housing complex reproduction and security of means of transportation and challenge of point of view of SDGs by company, group and school, expert and artist of various fields, a variety of partnership including student.

Town to be able to live on security for in peace

For frequent natural disaster, we develop measure to improve disaster of the whole area that included consciousness breeding of further "self support" "community support" and tower correspondence required and the medical system vs. stress. In addition, through conduct of road safety classroom for elderly people and approach of fraud damage prevention, we promote reliable town development by security that disaster prevention, anti-crime program, road safety was united.

Town which can live a life that anyone is healthy and is happy

We focus on the person concerned characteristics including hearing to review meeting by practitioner of local action or associated group and devise next community-based welfare health planning. In addition, through health support to promotion and work, child care generation of walking, we push forward health promotion in every generation and promote child care support from the pregnancy period and support the healthy breeding of child.

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