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Historic spot and Shinto shrine, temple 2

Last update date April 2, 2019

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We are introduced with (1542) foundation in 1542. There is cemetery of direct feudatory of a shogun, Hisashi head family each generation that intellect line made this ground in the Edo era, and it is registration cultural assets of Yokohama-shi. Fanwise-topknot hairstyle of 300 years years old is known for legend of "nurse gingko nut" which we prayed for so that there is milk in mother of Hisashi book winning all the time.


Address/3-5, Komaoka
It is Kawasaki Tsurumi Rinko Bus crane 02, crane 04 system "Komaoka firmness presence of a high personage" drop off walk four minutes from traffic/JR Tsurumi Station West Exit

Yokomizo mansion 1
The highlight
Private house at hall trace of Odagiri who acted as village headman from the Keicho era year. Mansion consists of main building, front gate (gate of a tenement house style), granary, library storehouse, silkworm huts of roof of thatch and becomes designated cultural assets of Yokohama-shi. State of powerful farmer mansion of the Edo era understands well that we stand on this ground.

Last years of Edo era reaches in the middle of Meiji era in the building generation. State of early stage of Shishigaya-mura of the Showa era is seen with 1/1000 model, and information and ancient documents about farm village life are displayed on the second floor of main building of 1896 (1896) building in building. Annual functions such as nanakusa-gayu, the Doll's Festival, the Boy's Festival, night with a full moon are practiced in nature seasonally, too. There is the only rice field in ward, too.
Yokomizo mansion 2

Address/3-10-2, Shishigaya
Closed days/third Monday (in the case of holiday the next day), New Year holidays
Rate/no charge for admission (but there is request of some administration cooperation gold)
It is Kawasaki Tsurumi Rinko Bus crane 03 system "in front of Shinmei Corporation" drop off walk eight minutes, Yokohama municipal bus 104 system "table Tando" drop off walk five minutes from traffic/JR Tsurumi Station West Exit
HP/ (the outside site)

Posterity car
The highlight
In Shishigaya Shimin-no-Mori, it is near upper Shinmei Corporation. 1718 (1718) erection. We have been believed when we sent small tree of temple car called posterity car in pillar of entrance when saved from pains of six kinds of the worlds to come for the people.

It became designated cultural assets of Yokohama-shi in 1996.
Guardian deity of children


Address/3, Shishigaya
It is Kawasaki Tsurumi Rinko Bus crane 03 system "in front of Shinmei Corporation" drop off walk ten minutes from traffic/JR Tsurumi Station West Exit

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