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Last update date January 31, 2019

Other than Tsurumi Ward and administrative information of Yokohama-shi, we show pictures with relation with monitor of the first-floor inhabitant of a ward hall in Tsurumi Ward appropriately.

The second floor copulates, and there is copier of pay (one piece of 10 yen) in front of inhabitant of a ward activity center and the fourth-floor sixth window.
When there is thing which we want to copy a little, it is convenient.

We distribute public information printed matter issuing in city or ward.
In addition, we may read about thing which we do not distribute at window.
Please report to window of Public Relations Section of the first-floor first.

As spot that we can photograph in commemoration of entry in the family register, we install screen and wedding board in front of the side gate on the the first-floor parking lot side (the Tsurumi fire department side).

[photographable time] From 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. (without holiday)

※We prepare board which is multilingual (English, Portuguese, Chinese (kantai, Chinese Traditional)) and will be waiting.

Screen wedding board
ScreenuedeingubodoMultilingual board
ScreenWedding boardMultilingual board

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Telephone: 045-510-1680

Telephone: 045-510-1680

Fax: 045-510-1891

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