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The highlight of hydrangea

Last update date August 13, 2020

Seya Ward has a lot of places to be able to enjoy flower "hydrangea" of ward.
Also, as imminent oasis, please enjoy as photospot and walk course.

360 degrees! Hydrangea of Seya

360-degree video introduces state of hydrangea of Seya who reached the best time to see in June.
Please see at 360-degree angle you like.

[operation method (PC)]

  • We move cursor with clicking screen in state that played video
  • In state that played video, we click "0" vertical and horizontal arrows in part in the left of video

[) such as operation method (smartphones]
 Please see from the next URL. (the outside site)

  • In state that played video, we move smartphone right to left or up and down (incline)
  • In state that played video, we swipe screen with finger

Hydrangea photo introduction

We introduce photograph of hydrangea photographed in ward.
If everybody finds wonderful hydrangea in garden of home or park nearby, you take a picture, and please post on Instagram or Twitter.
Do you not send charm of hydrangea of Seya Ward together?
We are carrying out campaign that wonderful present is in Instagram. For more details, please see "hydrangea Instagram contribution campaign of # Seya".

#Hydrangea Instagram contribution campaign of Seya (※ application acceptance was finished.)

#We held hydrangea Instagram contribution campaign of Seya.
Many contributions, thank you very much!

We introduce photograph posted on Instagram!

#We introduce a part of the photograph posted with hashtag of hydrangea of Seya.
Please search Instagram having account.


Present hits toward 30 people from applicant by lot!

  • For QUO card 1,000 yen (five)
  • Seyamaru clear bottle (ten)
  • Seyamaru "hydrangea" masking tape (15)


Resident in Seya Ward

Application method

At first, we respond in Seya Ward formula Instagram account (@ seya_yokohama)!

  1. It is taken a picture of hydrangea at either place of "list of highlight of hydrangea"
  2. We specify shooting place and we put hashtag of "hydrangea of # Seya" and post on Instagram

Application period

Until Sunday, July 12, 2020

Application terms, application essential point

When you have you apply, please read by all means.
Application terms, application essential point (PDF: 87KB)
About operational policy of Seya Ward formula Instagram account, please see the following pages.
Information for Seya Ward Instagram

List of highlight of hydrangea

List of highlight of hydrangea
Place Address
Overlook Seya; park 4131-20, Seyacho
Hongo, Seya Park 1-70-2, Hongo
Comfort old South Park 215-37, Futatsubashicho
Mitsukyo Station south exit pedesutoriandekki 4, Mitsukyo
Futatsu Bridge park 83-1, Futatsubashicho (the ward office adjacency)
Futatsu Bridge South Park 37-4, Futatsubashicho
Waterside of Izumi River Futatsu Bridge Miyazawa 1
Forest Park of Minamidai child 2-3-20, Minamidai
Miyazawa Fureaijurin Miyazawa 1-54-6
Higashiyama contact forest hydrangea road Miyazawa 2-72
Gate of a tenement house style park 1-17, Akuwahigashi
Miyazawa play Suichi Miyazawa 4

Precaution when we appreciate hydrangea

When you visit the highlight of hydrangea, for new coronavirus infectious disease measures, please be careful about the following points.

  • We do not appreciate in a great number of people
  • We keep enough distance between person of other appreciation

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