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Seya inhabitant of a ward Cultural Center (tentative name)

Inhabitant of a ward Cultural Center has opening (plan) at the Seya Station south exit in March, 2022!

Last update date June 2, 2020

Nickname offer of Seya inhabitant of a ward Cultural Center (tentative name) was finished. Thank you for your much application.

Culture - all to bring up are connected to ... oldness by Seya and join together to the future

Seya inhabitant of a ward Cultural Center (tentative name) opens as tradition of culture and art of local everybody, place of announcement.

Facility summary

Main facility contents
RoomAreaThe number of the roomsRemarks


Around 100 square metersTwo roomsOne body which is movable, and included meeting room more of wall is available
Meeting roomAround 30 square metersThree roomsOf around 24 one room available wall is movable, and on earth is available
Music multi-purpose roomMovable chair 148 seats setting 

By parquet specifications, music or dance are available for multi-purpose

It is available for presentation or rehearsal that are small on going up and down-type stage

LaboratoryAround 30 square metersTwo roomsThere is front chamber in each room

Please see Seya Ward, inhabitant of a ward Cultural Center news in progress before inhabitant of a ward Cultural Center being done.

Nickname offer (application was finished)


Seya Ward residence, working, attendance at school

Offer essential point this (PDF: 157KB)
Offer flyer this (PDF: 694KB)

The highest award

One highest award (work which became adoption)
We invite to the presentation and opening event for book card 5,000 yen.
※The best work (adoption work) may change a part as needed.
※In the case of plural, applicant of adoption work decides prize winner by fair lottery.

The application deadline

Offer was finished.

Selection, announcement

We perform examination primary than the inside that had you apply and examine by selection committee by local representative and ward office and are decided.
We are going to announce nickname that we decided with October issue for public information Yokohama Seya Ward.


Copyright of adopted nickname, all second usufruct or other rights belong to Yokohama-shi.
Personal information that we got about this offer uses only thing about this matter.

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