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Inhabitant of a ward attitude survey

We carry out "Seya Ward inhabitant of a ward attitude survey" to call about thought for the administration of a ward of inhabitants of a ward or immediate living environment in Seya Ward, and to do with the basics information on pushing forward the future administration of a ward.

Last update date February 28, 2020

2019 Seya Ward inhabitant of a ward attitude survey count result

In September, 2019, we carried out Seya Ward inhabitant of a ward attitude survey. We will tell as findings was finished.
Thank you very much for cooperation for answer while you're busy.

About findings

In this investigation "neighboring environment to live" "participation "to assist of area" in local interchange and local action" "life poor independence support system"
About "adult guardianship system" "health promotion" "public information Yokohama Seya Ward version" "disaster prevention" "event to be carried out in ward" "international gardening exhibition"
We called.

Investigation summary
Subjects of survey

3,000 men and women who live in ward 18 years or older

Extracting method We randomly select from Basic Resident Register
Investigation period From Monday, September 9, 2019 to Monday, September 30
Investigation method Distribution, collection by mail
The number of the effective collections

1,201 (40.0% of recoveries)

Findings report

Report summary version
Findings report
・Findings report (items)

Past findings

From 2009 to 2017

Before 2008

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