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Seya Ward e-mail magazine

Last update date February 28, 2019

Information for Seya Ward e-mail magazine


In the case of registration, please read the following "instructions" by all means. Two kinds of emails can choose necessary thing.

  • Information distribution charges are free, but, about environment (facilities necessary for connection, communication expense) using E-mail, become registrant burden.
  • ※When we set reception restrictions of email, email may not arrive. In that case, please change setting so that email from "" and "" receives.
  • We may cancel the use of e-mail magazine that we registered regardless of intention of registrant for a certain period of time when delivery of e-mail magazine becomes undelivered.
  • When disaster occurs, just after disaster may not deliver.
  • When electric wave congestion failure occurred, as for the person to receive by carrying, time lag may occur for the receipt.
  • We delay temporarily or this service may be stopped by communication line facilities, obstacle, maintenance of system, other unavoidable reasons without notifying user beforehand. In addition, in property of communications infrastructures such as carriers (cell-phone company), we deliver late about delivery of various information and may not be delivered.
  • Information to tell about by E-mail is only text (letter). When there are the number of emails or limit of capacity, please be careful.
  • Seya Ward does not take any responsibility about or directly indirect loss, damage that occurred by the use of this service.
  • We cannot use information provided by this service for profit.
  • Without permission, we prohibit about thing delivering again on quotation, reproduction to WEB of article or business.
  • About malfunction in case of delivery,[email protected]madego, please ask a question

Seya Ward information e-mail magazine

Registration (the outside site) of information magazine

  • It is occasional and delivers disaster prevention information of area.
  • We deliver event and event information in ward to commuter pass (principle once a month).
  • We deliver heavy rain warning at the time of typhoon occurrence and flood control information of the Sakai River, evacuation public information at any time.

This delivers ward original information not to handle by "disaster prevention information E-mail delivery service" of Yokohama-shi.
At first, registration gamadano person to disaster prevention information E-mail delivery service of Yokohama-shi recommends application to disaster prevention information E-mail delivery for city

Seya Ward health e-mail magazine

Registration (the outside site) of healthy e-mail magazine
We deliver announcement of medical examination and event of child care, health connection to commuter pass (principle once a month).

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Telephone: 045-367-5636

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