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[election enlightenment] Election forum

Last update date January 23, 2020

With "election forum"

Unfortunately turnout of election tends to fall down little by little. Improvement of turnout of particularly young people is urgent problem.
Election forum is important in future qualified voters such as the small, middle and high school student; target, and is intended that promote thought, vote participation some other time how politics and election are concerned with everyday life.
As part of election enlightenment activity, it is learning business of participation type that board of elections of each ward and bright election promotion meeting perform.
At school in Naka Ward, we teach home delivery of cooked foods by staff of member of Naka Ward election administration society targeting at students.
As for the lecture contents, "beginning of election" "structure, importance of election" "vote, official counting of votes experience using real election device" varies about "work of board of elections".
Which "we understood importance of election well" has voice, which "we want to go for vote by all means if we become 18 years old" "wants to spread contents of lecture to people around oneself" from student attending a lecture of lecture.

State of home delivery of cooked foods class

Home delivery of cooked foods class to junior high school in ward

School lunch election in elementary school in ward

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