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minatchi haunting diary "goes to minatchiga!"

Last update date April 8, 2020

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Around Minamiota, Shimizugaoka walk

Hello! minatchidayo.
Season entered in April, and days of Indian summer increased♪
It is good season to take a walk!

We walk Shimizugaoka this time from Minamiota!

It is a certain Miyoshi field in Store Association more first that went!
It is chosen as "all souvenir", or there are phosphorus and steamed bun here♪
It is not too sweet, and bean jam of wet texture enters Cali skin out of ttoshita,
It is Japanese confectionery which is good to souvenir of Minami Ward!

We go up slope leading to Shimizugaoka if we enjoy pancake!
As some distance is long, take a break without overdoing it if tired.

We see Seiryou, Yokohama High School when we finish going up slope♪
Of Yokohama National University which originally was built in this area in front of school gate
There is monument which history is written.

We arrive at Shimizugaoka Fureai Park when we walk a little from there.
Force of hippopotamus which opened big mouth was great.
As there are other a lot of playground equipments, everybody will play together, too!

We could take a walk this time and were fun♪
Course that strolled in minatchigao this time,
Because we look after all the public information and introduce even page 5 of April issue
See all by all means!

Around great Okagawa walk

Hello! minatchidayo.
March began, and bright time became long. It is season when cherry blossoms bloom soon♪
As warm days increased, but there is night in the morning on day becoming cold, let's go out after wearing what kind of clothes, or thinking well.

We walk great Okagawa this time!

It is Kannon Bridge which is in Gumyoji mall first that went!
When Kannon Bridge is built in Gumyoji mall and goes down stairs in neighborhood
We can look at the surface of the water drifting to river close♪
Going to see cherry blossoms at night is very beautiful, too!

There is person playing in hydrophilic facility called "pyompyon rock" on day of calm fine weather!
minatchimo wants to be idle together

We went to Shimizu Bridge near Makita Park next time.
Shimizu Bridge completed in 1987 has hanakoremokudekuchi of the Metropolitan expressway near, and there is in place that opened out.
Row of cherry blossom trees which spreads on both sides when we look at the Ido ke valley area,
People who enjoy cherry blossom viewing while running through the water on small boat may go along bottom of bridge!
There is person who says hello while saying that is, "hello!", and nandakahokkorishichattana♪
We see, and will we wave kaketatokihaminatchimo hand?

Shimizu Bridge

We went to Makita Park next time!
We come to have a lot of open spaces that are in park in people who see cherry blossoms while opening seat when cherry blossoms bloom♪
There is nihaminatchino topiari in park, too!
See all 1 degree♪

Finally, we went to log bridge.
Railing which design of kanji called "people" is made on is characteristic,
This design is thing which Kiichi Sumikawa of sculptor who is engaged in design of the Tokyo Skytree dealt with!
By the way, of dokeikyo appearing in the neighborPriest's staff(shakujo) design of main pillar of model is the same, too!
When wind strongly blows, circle hits main pillar of this dokeikyo and may hear sound called "beautifulness ♪"♪

We could take a walk this time and were fun♪
Course that strolled in minatchigao this time,
Because we look after all the public information and introduce even page 5 of March issue
See all by all means!

Around Mt. Koganecho - Nishi Ward, Noge walk

Hello! minatchidayo.
February began, and slightly bright time became long!
But let's be still careful about cars as time when it becomes dark is early when we go out!
We walk around Mt. Koganecho - Nishi Ward, Noge this time!

At first, we went to Ota Bridge! We consider that we walk all the time toward Koganecho Station and obtain course in front of Minami Ward government office!
It is main pillar and bridge which it hangs down, and willow is characterized by. On the upper classes side of bridge, there is monument which local Neighborhood Associations built in commemoration of the Tokyo Olympics Paralympics held in 1964♪

We went to Kasumi Bridge next time.
It is bridge with history very much with 1913 (Taisho 2) that it just appears in ward boundary of Minami Ward and Nishi Ward, but the first bridge was completed♪
At the time when we were able to do it, it is still reused on stairs in near the bridge as it was red bridge.

State that there is signboard called "way of taking a lesson from the past" beside way, but streetcar was running on way under the past in there at the time can consider photograph that it is revealed to leave for the Nishi Ward side across bridge.

Way of taking a lesson from the past

Finally, we went to Nogeyama Zoo.
We can enjoy casually because we can enter free!
Exhibit space where there was "hama child" of once popular elephant turns "Hidamari open space" and the name now,
It becomes space that can take a break.

We could take a walk this time and were fun♪
Course that strolled in minatchigao this time,
Because we look after all the public information and introduce even page 5 of February issue
See all by all means!

Gumyoji - Isogo Ward, Okamura outskirts walk

Hello! minatchidayo.
Even if new year begins, colder day continues. It ends soon until season of cherry blossoms liking minatchino!
When we go out, let's keep warm clothes in mind!
We walk Gumyoji - Isogo Ward, the Okamura outskirts this time!

At first, we went to the Gumyoji Kannon! We see the big main gate of a Buddhist temple when we walk from Gumyoji mall nearby. This is called "Deva gate", and Nio Guardians is enshrined in the gate.

We can see the main hall of a Buddhist temple when it goes up stairs, and water drifts from cute owl and elephant in right next small pavilion with water and ladles. Besides, we can feel long history including Nanatsuishi!

We went to Gumyoji mall next time.
It is spot that there is Kannon Bridge spanning great Okagawa drifting to the ward in mall, but can see cherry blossoms in spring.
It is full of many people through one year!

Finally, we went to kyuryokinomaidai! When we went performance and classroom of ability, Noh comedy, but performed for minatchiga play, elementary school nearby was in Noh comedy classroom.

For powerful voice and performance, primary schoolchildren saw absorbedly♪
It is idol of kyuryokinomaidai in front of entrance! Tiger of cat was sleeping pleasantly♪
We always come in front of entrance at time for meal and go out to play hastily if we finish eating, but
When we went to minatchiga, we were able to play together!

We could take a walk this time and were fun♪
Course that strolled in minatchigao this time,
Because we look after all the public information and introduce even page 5 of January issue
See all by all means!

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