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minatchi haunting diary "goes to minatchiga!" From July, 2018 to December

Last update date March 15, 2019

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☆We strolled in around subway Gumyoji Station♪

Hello! minatchidayo.
We took a walk today from subway Gumyoji Station!

There is Gumyoji mall as soon as we leave Gumyoji Station.

Arcade of Gumyoji mall

naga - i arcade is what 312m!
It seemed to have been said to be "Yoichi Azuma" in old days!
We can do shopping in peace on rainy day.
This time serious chocolate! We stopped at duke bakery where we made entry in this.

Appetizing bread of duke bakery

Bread hot from the oven in shop in a row!
Regular customer came over in sequence and bought bread.
It was very warm atmosphere♪

We went to point that passed through Gumyoji mall, Gumyoji Park in the backside of Minami Library next time.
We heard voice that children played happily when we went to park…

Gumyoji Park

It was the date of "gumyoji play park" on that day!
"Play park" is amusement place where anyone can participate in both children and adults.
As there is leader leading play, we can play using a good Gokan in nature.

Children playing in gumyoji play park

"gumyoji play park" is held regularly in Gumyoji Park.
Confirm held schedule and details on homepage (the outside site) of gumyoji play park.
Next leaves mall and walks Kamakura Highway a little in the Maita area.
It is kosoadogurun that arrived!

It is place supporting social participation in work place of impaired person here.
There are hamburger shop which hamburger with full of the volume can eat and small box shop forming a line of handmade article.

In addition, we found such a monument when we came back to the Gumyoji area and crossed Kamakura Highway.

Road monument of Kamakura Highway

It is monument of Kamakura Highway.
We are divided into current Kamakura Highway and former Kamakura Highway when we advance from here to the Kamiooka area a little.
Through former Kamakura Highway, we go to Ooka Park next time!

Tablet of Ooka Park

Ooka park is relatively new park done in 2012.

Ooka Park with open feeling

It is extensive, and various play seems to be possible!
We seem to be able to enjoy cherry blossom viewing in spring.
We leave Ooka Park if we take a short break in park and climb rapid slope with an effort!
When we finish climbing…

We can enjoy scenery when we go up former slope of Ooka Park.

Good view!
Furthermore, it arrives at three buildings of the Imperial Court stand remains when we advance!

Three buildings of the Imperial Court stand park

It is place where house trace from Jomon period to Burial Mound age was found in here.
Excavated earthenware vessel or stone implement are displayed in exhibition room.

It is corner where we can touch in genuine earthenware vessel and stone implement in this way!
House trace is displayed, and it can receive building at the time for the return cost in building.

We can enter house trace.

We are somewhat excited as thyme skidded in the ancient times!
By the way, we rebuild now, and two of three reconstruction houses construct and seem to be able to see state of rebuilding, too!
Go to see all by all means because it is construction that we can rarely see.
In schedule of construction, confirm on homepage (the outside site) of three buildings of the Imperial Court stand remains.
It was fun all day long today♪
Course around subway Gumyoji Station that strolled in minatchigao this time
See all by all means because you look after all the public information and introduce even page 5 of December issue!

☆Thank you for your support in mascot Grand Prix 2018 this year!

We had announcement on November 18 as a result of "mascot Grand Prix 2018" that minatchiga participated in.

Curious result…

Of 507 characters, it is the 102nd place!
(acquisition vote: 4805pt)

Everybody whom he/she supported, thank you very much!
We do our best as korekaramominatchiha, mascot character of Minami Ward! Support♪

minatchi "support thank you!"

☆We strolled in around Bandobashi Station♪

Hello! minatchidayo.
We took a walk today from Bandobashi Station!
At first, it is Kotohira Steller's sea-eagle Shinto shrine that went.

Kotohira Steller's sea-eagle Shinto shrine

Have all gone for the Cock Fair?
The Cock Fair is festival to be held in Steller's sea-eagle Shinto shrine on day of tori of November.
Stall and stands selling rake in hope of kaiummanekifuku and business prosperity form a line and are full of frightful people!
We will perform for minatchimo play this year as there seems to be until November 1, 13 and 25 and the third Cock Fair Day in November!

(photograph is state of last year)
Then we found such a monument in the precincts of Steller's sea-eagle Shinto shrine!

Sushi mound

"Sushi mound" is written.
People that this runs sushi bar in Kanagawa
Because memorial service to other creatures refers to thanks, we hope and seem to be erected thing.
There is only here in Yokohama-shi!
When we crossed Miyoshi Bridge from Steller's sea-eagle Shinto shrine and went up rapid slope, we arrived at good park of view!

Karasawa Park

Here is Karasawa park. It is park where wind is comfortable because it is on hill.
We can overlook Minato Mirai, too!
We sit on bench and take a short break. . .
We go down slope and go to prefectural buried cultural property center this time!

Prefectural buried cultural property center

In buried cultural property center, we can observe earthenware vessel or stone implement excavated in the prefecture.

Clay doll or big key point…We have been somewhat impressed when we thought that ancient person used.
There is library room and can read books related to archeology.
Finally, we face Dontokoi, Minami!
…We dropped in while having thought of this, but walking as there was Nakamurakoen.

Nakamurakoen entrance

Playground equipment of pretty bus was in park! minatchimo has been idle unintentionally♪

It reaches Dontokoi, Minami when we walk a little from Nakamurakoen.

Outlook on Dontokoi Minami outside

Dontokoi, Minami is facility which is active so that person with a disability and the family can live in peace in area.
Cafe is on the first floor, and anyone is available!

Other than drinks such as coffee, bread hot from the oven is sold.
Anything looks delicious and is at a loss.

To cafe as for the fireplace

There is fireplace and can take a break on cold day.
It was fun all day long today♪
Course around Bandobashi Station that strolled in minatchigao this time
See all by all means because you look after all the public information and introduce even page 5 of November issue!

☆We strolled in around Koganecho Station♪

Hello! minatchidayo!
We strolled in around Koganecho Station today.
We began walk with Koganecho Station this time.

Home of Koganecho Station

Red vehicle is Koganecho Station that Keikyu is running of mark.
In fact, when this station, Shonan electric railway of forerunner of Keikyu started a business
We were born as the starting station.
It is April, 1930 that train began service,
It was service from Koganecho Station to Uraga Station.
Until March, 2019 station name signboard of woodgraining is decorated especially!

Koganecho station name signboard
(offer: Keikyu)

Next went up slope which spread out in front of Koganecho Station in the Nishi Ward area and went in Kasumi Bridge.

Kasumi Bridge

This overpass which was done in 1928 such as castle wall is solid; make; and seeing from neighborhood,
Very powerful! It is chosen as "100 selections of bridges of Kanagawa"!

Nogeyama Park

It reached Nogeyama Park next time when we crossed Kasumi Bridge and walked for approximately ten minutes!
This park seems to be park with history next to Yokohama Park and Kamonyama Park in park done in 1926!

In park in 1964 qualifier of the Tokyo Olympics
Venue ground monument in commemoration of thing in Yokohama stands,
We see the Landmark Tower close from observation deck nearby!
When we go down slope from Nogeyama Park to great Okagawa,
We arrive at venue of "Koganecho bazaar" in underpass of Keikyu Line.

Koganecho bazaar continues from Koganecho Station to Hinodecho Station
It is art festival that we did on the stage of neighboring areas such as Keikyu Line underpass or great Okagawa!
Various art works were displayed and have been attracted in the world of minatchimo art.
As we hold until October 28, interested person perform once.
(thing that we photographed photograph last year)
We could play a lot this time and were fun!
minatchigao around this Koganecho Station course that we strolled in
See all by all means because you look after all the public information and introduce even page 5 of October issue!

☆We strolled in around Yoshinocho Station♪

Hello! minatchidayo.
We took a walk today around Yoshinocho Station.
At first, we performed in Hie-jinja Shrine (shrine of three) in place where we left station and walked for around three minutes.

Hie-jinja Shrine

In venerable Shinto shrine founded in 1673, it is got close to area as "shrine of three".
The precincts are quiet, and heart calms down. We have big festival called annual festival in September, too!

There is Shinto shrine called dam (a cough) Shinto shrine in the precincts, too and seems to be said to be even if illness of a cough has benefit.
It was somewhat fragrant and smelled appetizing when we walked a little from Hie-jinja Shrine…

shikishima hail Saganoya Head Office

Here is shikishima hail Saganoya Head Office. It seems to be long-established store which continues making hail more than 100 years!
Many kinds of hail and Okaki form a line in shop, and which are you wondering whether to have?

Okaki of this shop is appointed to famous confection of the prefecture.
We seem to be made with the traditional manufacturing method for labor and time.
minatchimo was taste to have eaten, but to be hard to quit after starting and did not stay!

It is Yoshinocho Community/Civic Plaza that went next!

Yoshinocho Community/Civic Plaza

It is local culture facility with hall and gallery, studio.
Various events are held through the year including concert and exhibition.
We did exhibition in gallery on that day.

Finally, it arrives at Makita Park!
There is big open space and is comfortable♪

Makita Park

There was big playground equipment, too, and children were playing happily, too!

Playground equipment of Makita Park

minatchimo wanted to be idle together
Oh, yes, we discovered such a thing in park!

minatchino topiari

topiari of minatchino form!
Find all!

There was a lot of highlight this time and was fun!
Course around Yoshinocho Station that strolled in minatchigao this time
See all by all means because you look after all the public information and introduce even page 5 of September issue!

☆We strolled in around Idogaya Station♪

Hello! minatchidayo!
We strolled in around Idogaya Station today.
At first, leave station; and to Idogaya Station intersection for approximately five minutes♪

Bench of granite

Bench of red granite is at this intersection!
On bench form of *zu at the age of 1906 and current intersection
There was slate to understand!
Old state is identified as now of this neighborhood.

Next time from bus stop in front of Idogaya Station to municipal bus 79.199 system
We got on and went to upper star ka valley bus stop.
We could look around scenery far from this bus stop and saw the Landmark Tower, too!

View in front of bus stop

We arrived at child botanical garden when we walked from upper star ka valley bus stop for approximately ten minutes!
Many kinds of plants grow in garden filled with greenery and can enjoy every season.

Child botanical garden

When we went out to play, rose bloomed♪

It was slightly cool when we walked the shade of a tree and was comfortable.
Finally, we went to elementary school student amusement park!
It is the same as child botanical garden, and there is a lot of nature here!
Sunflower bloomed in flower garden in garden, too♪
Cosmos seems to bloom from August through September!

Observation deck of elementary school student amusement park

It arrives at open space when we go ahead through the inside.
It is called Fujimi open space and seems to see Mount Fuji here on fine day, too.
When we went to minatchiga play, some clouds spread and were not seen…
In addition, will we go out to play on day when it was fine?
It was fun all day long today!
It is pleasant to stretch out foot using bus♪
Course around Idogaya Station that strolled in minatchigao this time
See all by all means because you look after all the public information and introduce even page 5 of August issue!

☆We strolled in around Bandobashi Station♪

Hello! minatchidayo.
We took a walk today around Bandobashi Station.
At first, we leave station, and Odori Park in immediate place is strolled in♪

Odori Park

It seems to be park which fills up place where it was canal in old days, and was done here.
It was very comfortable, and it was in place of recreation and relaxation for many people when we walked the shade of a tree!
There is weeping cherry tree named "Utamaru cherry blossoms" in this park.
You can show excellent flower now in spring though deep-blue leaves grow thick. In addition, we look forward to next spring!

Utamaru cherry blossoms

We go to authority of Yokohama Bridge mall next time.

Authority of Yokohama Bridge mall

Authority of Yokohama Bridge mall is always filled with vigor!
tsu rinizura - tto was just looking at shop which formed a line and has been somewhat excited.
Let alone Yaoya and butcher shop, Uoya, it keeps anything if we come to here including clothing and drugstore!
When we pass through authority of Yokohama Bridge mall and cross intersection, there is mall according to Miyoshi Bridge this time.

Miyoshi bridge street mall

Mall is "the Japan's prettiest mall" between Miyoshi Bridge consulting Murakawa in "yokohamabashi entrance" intersection according to Miyoshi Bridge!
In distance of around 30m, unique shops form a line.
Appetizing Uoya whom a lot of side dishes line up…

Side dish which equals Uoya

Sum Kashiya looked delicious, and footwear person was wonderful atmosphere, too♪

We discover cinnabar red beautiful bridge when we go through Murakawa according to Miyoshi Bridge in from mall!

Cinnabar red bridge which spans middle Murakawa

This is bridge called urafunesuidokyo.
Originally it was built as bridge which linked Motomachi, Ishikawa-machi to the Yamashitacho area as "Nishinohashi Bridge".
After the Great Kanto Earthquake, we were transferred as "old man Bridge", and we seemed to be transferred to the current place again afterwards in 1989. It is bridge with history very much.
This bridge seems to be valuable thing which is old for land bridge of the same format that there is "pin-binding Pratt truss bridge" now in Japan at bridge of format most!


There was a lot of highlight, and, in short distance, it was on 1st of great satisfaction!
By the way!
We leave Bandobashi Station, and there is such a manhole in immediate place!

minatchi manhole

minatchino manhole!
As there is in Minami Ward only here, see all; tsuketemitene

Course around Bandobashi Station that strolled in minatchigao this time
See all by all means because you look after all the public information and introduce even page 5 of July issue!

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