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Charm of Minami Ward

Last update date March 23, 2020

The image photo book "town of Minami Ward" (only PDF data are released)

The town of image photo book Minami Ward cover

We feel the town of image photo book Minami Ward human empathy

The image photo book "town of Minami Ward"

Of Yokohama-shi Minami Ward in the middle is almost downtown area since the opening of a port. Many places of town overflow in friendly warmth, slightly good old atmosphere such as breathing of daily life. We mastered charm of such a "daily life over there now" for this photobook. It is one which can meet expression and air which town and person praise of the Minami Ward.


The town of Minami Ward (PDF: 18,409KB)
It becomes only exhibition of PDF data and does not distribute booklet.

Minami Ward guide map

The Minami Ward guide map surface

Aspect out of Minami Ward guide map

Let's walk promenade that Sakuranamiki spreads out in spring.

In Minami-ku, Yokohama-shi that is famous for "row of cherry blossom trees of large Okagawa promenade", many people go to see cherry blossoms every year. We issue guide map which is full of cherry blossoms spot and superb view photograph spot in ward including promenade, charm of Minami Ward including inhabitant of a ward recommended souvenir information by Minami Ward.

Place to arrange

  • Minami Ward government office
  • <the next facility arranges only in season of cherry blossoms>
  • Public facilities in ward
  • Other than Keikyu Line each station (Koganecho, Minamiota, Idogaya, Gumyoji) in Minami Ward main stations (Shinagawa, KeikyuKawasaki, Yokohama, Kamiooka, Yokosukachuo, Haneda Airport International Terminal) of part of Keikyu Line


Minami Ward guide map (PDF: 9,033KB)

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