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Direct sale society of vegetables

Last update date December 24, 2019

Direct sale society vitamin greens city of Konan Ward product vegetables

Vitamin greens city

For the purpose of the making of connection with promotion, farmers of local production for local consumption and inhabitants of a ward, we hold direct sale fair "vitamin greens City" of Konan Ward product vegetables.
Fresh vegetables and fruit which we harvested in morning of the day form a line in vitamin greens city. Please adopt local production for local consumption that is kind to environment while tasting local season.

Held state of autumn

Influence of typhoon was worried about, but kept a lot of vegetables in winter such as Chinese cabbage or daikon with leaf.

Leaf is with, and turnip is sold, too. Leaf of turnip makes fry-up and boiled greens with dressing and can have deliciously.

Like the summer, product without seeing very much was sold in supermarket.
Shogoin daikon and apple of Kyoyasai-shaped apple kiwi attracted attention of all of you who came.

Vitamin greens city this year becomes the end at this time. Please expect for holding of the next fiscal year.

Held state of the summer

Fresh vegetables are prepared this time.

Many people lined up before start.

By day, there were rare fruit and vegetables such as white figs.

We appreciate your arriving while it is hot.

Conventional vitamins greens City

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