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Community-based application "piazza"

Last update date June 3, 2020

With community-based application "piazza"

As people living in town send information each other, "piazza" knows town, and PIAZZA which can make connection is area SNS application that management runs. Through information exchange about imminent event and everyday living, the exchanges of discarded things, we can promote community-based communication.
In addition, there is contact channel for exclusive use of cooperation at the time of disaster in "piazza" and can compare notes while cooperating between local residents in the case of emergency.


Main cooperation contents

Konan Ward

  • Community formation support
  • Dispatch of the administration of a ward information


  • The formation of local problem solution community
  • Konan Ward area making

Future main approach

  1. We distribute flyer to protectors during and child care moved to, and Konan Ward arrests various opportunities and publicizes piazza.
  2. PIAZZA is community designer ※We hold activation in piazza that we turn on dispatch of area information to depend on this or real event and promote interchange between inhabitants of a ward.

We plan activation of community while showing idea in both in future.

※We hold activation in application or real event town with role to plan community activation

Registration method

From smartphone and tablet terminal

Two dimensions of application registration is cord reading. Or please search in iOS/Android application store.

From PC

Please search registration on the Internet.
Homepage ( (outside site)) of PIAZZA

Instructions about registration

It is the first in Yokohama-shi! PIAZZA concluded cooperation agreement with Konan Ward

Konan Ward concluded cooperation agreement with PIAZZA which ran community-based application "piazza" which could compare notes such as event or child care information on June 1, 2020 to plan dispatch of the administration of a ward information and activation of community between inhabitants of a ward. Because most of users of "piazza" are the class of families in the fourth and fifth decades of life, necessary information is expected to reach for generation when local information is hard to touch.

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