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Konan contact walking 2019

We walk course, and let's collect stamps!

Last update date October 3, 2019

Basic information

Event name

Konan contact walking 2019

Event summary

Do you not walk the ward with family and friend happily? Please participate.
We present magnet key ring which color can apply freely. In addition, among participants of large Okagawa course, contact course, there is clean walking that hoping person (100 first arrival) does garbage picking while walking and cleans town. To receptionist as for the applicant on that day. Original hand towel present.

The date

November 17, 2019

The date and time details

Sunday, November 17 8:45 acceptance start. Start is from 9:25; goal reception desk until 12:30
※Stormy weather cancellation. From 8:00 as for the held confirmation on that day inquiry. Yokohama-shi call center (Phone: 045-664-2525, FAX: 045-664-2828)

Holding area

Konan Ward

The held place details

<great Okagawa course> (about 3km)
Start (Konan Fureai Park) → Sasano Bridge park → The most door bridge → Goal (Konan Fureai Park) ※About one hour
There is slope to some extent, but is course that is relatively flat, and is easy to walk around. It is recommended to person that physical strength does not have confidence.
<Morai River course> (about 8km)
Start (Konan Fureai Park) → Kamakura Highway → Cyclic 2 → Amaya Bridge → Of lily come; park → Goal (Konan Fureai Park) ※About 2 hours 30 minutes
It is course that walks, and is worth with slope. We walk Morai River murmuring green walk.

  • Meeting, reception desk (start goal): Konan Fureai Park (getting off at subway Konan-Chuo Station)
  • Reception hours: From 8:45 to 9:15 ※Start from 9:25. Goal reception desk until 12:30

<contact course> Route is the same as great Okagawa course
Let's walk together happily while talking with leader and other participants. There are some slopes and difference in grade, too, but with wheelchair can participate.

  • The meeting time: 8:45

Participation method

On the day large Okagawa course, Morai River course are applied for at reception desk. Participant to contact course needs prior application by Thursday, October 31.

Application is detailed

<contact course>
By Thursday, October 31 (effective postmark), write Address, full name, Phone number for postcard or fax or E-mail, and to the Konan contact walking executive committee secretariat (〒 233-0003 Konan 4-2-10, E-mail: [email protected], FAX: 045-845-9809)
Person needing sign-language interpreter, writing interpretation, please write so jointly at the time of application.


Free of charge

Eligible people

<great Okagawa course> <Morai River course>
Capacity: 400 people (the first arrival) in total
<contact course>
Capacity: 100 (lottery)


Konan contact walking executive committee, Konan Ward government office

The cosponsorship, support

Business executive committee of the 50th anniversary of Konan constituency system

Detailed information

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