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Announcement of specific medical checkup of resumption

Following the fact that emergency declaration of Kanagawa was canceled on May 25, we reopened specific medical checkup from May 26. Based on trend of new coronavirus infectious disease, please have a medical examination after confirmation to family medicine and consultation planned medical institution beforehand. In addition, we decided to cancel conduct taking the situation of new model coronavirus infectious disease into consideration about "identification medical examination early stage consultation campaign" that prize hit person who had a medical examination by September. Therefore, we would appreciate your understanding.

Last update date May 27, 2020

About "specific medical examination" (specific medical checkup)

Specific medical examination applies toward 74 years old from 40 years old to join employee health insurance, and it is medical examination that we can receive once in the year. (medical examination expense is free)
We discover lifestyle-related diseases risk with a few subjective symptoms including diabetes and high blood pressure early and are Health Checkups to connect with improvement of lifestyle.
In addition, as a result of having received specific medical examination, lifestyle judged to need review can use "specific health instruction".
※As for the detailed contents of specific medical examination, please see Health and Social Welfare Bureau Insurance and Pension Division homepage.

We publish consultation information (day, day when it is easy to have a medical examination) of "specific medical examination conduct medical institution" of Kohoku Ward! Please inflect as reference when you decide medical institution to consult.

There are 94 "National Health Insurance identification medical examination" in Kohoku Ward conduct medical institution. (as of December, 2019)
 ※Please confirm the details of conduct medical institution from this (Health and Social Welfare Bureau Insurance and Pension Division).

We place consultation information of 80 places of medical institutions in Kohoku Ward which we had which you wish to publish soon.
※We publish Excel data to search. Please download from lower link.

Consultation information (Excel: 34KB) of specific medical examination conduct medical institution in Kohoku Ward

To receive "specific medical examination"; ...

★ About consultation time of medical examination, please examine medical institution after consultation based on trends such as infectious diseases ★

[eligible people]
  People from 40 years old to take out National Health Insurance to 74 years old
[consultation expense]
  Free of charge
[consultation method]
  You decide medical institution, and please make inquiry, a reservation directly.
[thing which is necessary at the time of consultation]
  ①National health insurance card
  ②Consultation ticket, medical questionnaire
    ※I send consultation ticket, medical questionnaire to eligible people taking out National Health Insurance as of April 1 every year in the middle of May.
    ※Person who took out National Health Insurance after April 1 will issue by application. Application to "dial for exclusive use of kenshin"
    ※We can receive specific medical examination from April. When is consulted before the simultaneous shipment (the middle of May), to "dial for exclusive use of kenshin"

Dial for exclusive use of Yokohama-shi kenshin

Telephone 045-664-2606 FAX 045-663-4469

Reception hours 8:30-17:15 from Monday to Saturday (excluded for celebration, New Year holidays)

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Kohoku Ward Health and Welfare Center Insurance and Pension Division

Telephone: 045-540-2349

Telephone: 045-540-2349

Fax: 045-540-2355

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