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The city's open space app "Piazza" Kanazawa Ward area

Final update November 27, 2020

What is the city square app "Piaza"?

 The city's open space application "Piazza" is a local exchange-type online service that allows users to know about the area and create connections by transmitting and sharing local information.
 You can share information and event information about your daily life, consult about the transfer of disused items, and revitalize the local community through exchanges with the app. In addition, there is a group dedicated to disasters, where local residents can help each other and exchange information in the event of a disaster.
 ※You need to register to use the app. (Registration and use are all free)


Kanazawa Ward City, (one company) Yokohama Kanazawa Tourism Association and PIAZZA Co., Ltd. have concluded a cooperation agreement!

 Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama City, Yokohama Kanazawa Tourism Association and PIAZZA Co., Ltd. concluded a three-party cooperation agreement on October 27, 2020 to strengthen cooperation utilizing the local SNS application "Piaza".
 The three parties work together to provide a place to form a local community based on a new lifestyle through Pierza, and the inhabitants of the ward use Pierza as a new communication tool to learn about the area and make connections. We will provide opportunities to go. In Pierza, we will send administrative information from Kanazawa Ward City and Yokohama Kanazawa Tourism Association will send sightseeing and event information.

Cooperation Contents

Cooperation Image

Kanazawa Ward

  • Dissemination of administrative information
  • Public awareness of peers to inhabitants

Yokohama Kanazawa Tourism Association

  • Dissemination of tourist information and event information

PIAZZA Corporation

  • Operation of Kanazawa Ward area management
  • Community formation

Inquiries regarding registration methods and services

  • For inquiries about the "Piazza" service, please contact PIAZZA Co., Ltd. (external site) (There is a button to the inquiry form at the bottom of the page.)

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Telephone: 045-788-7726

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