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Kanazawa Ward Online Video Library - Let's Enjoy at Home ♪ Let's experience ♪ Let's learn ♪ ~~

Are you spending more time at home due to the effects of the new coronavirus infection? Kanazawa Ward delivers a variety of videos that you can enjoy at home! Let's click on the video you want to watch!                                                                                            ※[Apology and Correction] There is an error in a part of "Kanazawa Ward Let's Enjoy ♪ Experience ♪ Learn ♪ ~ "Kanazawa Ward. The corrections are as follows: (Miss) South African traditional music "Submand" (correct) West African traditional music "Submand" We apologize and correct.

Final update date March 30, 2021

Have fun♪

Kanazawa Ward happy delivery ambassador "Botan-chan" is a gymnastics. From small children to elderly people, please try dancing together.

It is available from adults to children. For props, daily necessities and material costs at home are almost 0 yen. For young people, introduce yourself! For middle-aged people, it's an assistant for drinking parties! For elderly people to prevent dementia! If you put a few props in your wallet or bag, it will be useful in case of emergency.

Rhythmic Gymnastics Former Japan National Team Kotono Tanaka (2008 Beijing, 2012 London Olympics participation) support message! (We had you appear in lecture "health, beauty through meal" by Olympian held on October 24.)

On Sunday, September 20, 2020, we held Kanazawa Festival fireworks display in Blanch Yokohama southern market! The Kanazawa Festival Fireworks Festival in 2020 was canceled to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection, but fireworks were launched with a surprise with the early convergence of the new coronavirus infection and thanks to healthcare professionals!

Received the Kanazawa Inhabitant's Honor Award three times. A masterpiece yo-yo performance by SHU TAKADA belonging to avex management! Please take a look at the yo-yo performance that combines dance and acrobatics by the yo-yo world champion who has won the world championship six times! The performance will be held on September 5, 2020, "1 year to Go! Kanazawa Ward will support the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games! It is a digest version of what was shown in ~!

Kanazawa Story Network Weslandia holds lectures and events on storytelling and books!
This time, the old Kanazawa will show off the stage picture-story show! This picture-story show was created by Kanazawa Residents' Activities Center and Kanazawa Ward City Hall in cooperation!

This is a support message from Maiko Kano, a former women's volleyball representative from Japan (2012 London Olympic bronze medalist)! (1 year to Go! Kanazawa Ward 5th, 2020! ~ Let's support the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games! ".. )

This is a support message from Masaru Inaba, a para-equestrian from Kanazawa Ward (1 year to Go! Kanazawa Ward 5th, 2020! ~ Let's support the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games! ".. )

It is a performance by Guinea Drama Carnke, Guinea Dancer and Drama, Court Giboir Drama Vakaba, and Japanese supporter Fukkun! Usually based in Tokyo and Kanagawa, we are engaged in activities to spread the traditional music, life and culture of West Africa through drums, dance classes, and live performances! Let's listen to the traditional music of West Africa!

Let's experience♪

Recommended for men and women of all ages! It may be because of your daily posture that your body is hard to move. Let's get a comfortable body by stretching!

Kiyomi Shiokawa usually teaches patchwork and Hawaiian quilt! This video introduces mask making!

Keinobu Uchida teaches a wide range from rehabilitation to specialized training! This time, we will do healthy exercises to sit in a chair!

Emi Uchida is working with the motto of having fun exercising! Let's refresh your mind while moving your body!

SU-ZU, who has won many tournaments! We have fun lessons from the basics, from kids to adults! For more information, search for "Suzu Style Dance" (outside site)! Let's dance the basic step "Inout" of hip-hop dance!

Let's learn♪

We made a video of the keynote speech that was scheduled to be held at the gathering of welfare and health in 2020. People who want to start something, want to connect with the community, and want to improve their current activities are what they want to hear because of the Korona disaster.

The second part introduces four activity examples that continue to lead the connection with the Korona disaster.

Rikiishi has experience in Chinese, interpreting, and translating major companies in both Japan and China! I usually teach Chinese at district centers and community houses! Today I will introduce some of my usual activities.

Miki Yamaguchi teaches how to speak Japanese in a fun way! We also offer announcer experience and online lessons! (For details, search at the "Children's Announcement Voice Association" (external site)) Learn the power to communicate and make presentations and reading with confidence!

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