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Healthy Michizukuri Route

Final update date December 5, 2019

Health Michizukuri Promotion Business

With health town development promotion business,

We have formulated a walking route.

We have formulated a walking route to utilize the road not only for the purpose of moving, but also as a place where you can work on health while having fun!
It is a 13km-long course that incorporates Kanazawa Ward's characteristics, such as nature such as the sea and greenery, abundant historical resources, and the old coastline. In addition, there are promenades (promenades), parks, stations, etc. on the route, so enjoy the scenery and take a break, and enjoy walking according to your physical strength!

Healthy Michizukuri Route

Information boards displaying routes have been installed at major points (stations, parks, etc.) on the route.
In addition to the route, the information board contains highlights and old photos of the area.

≪Information board sample≫

Leaflet has been completed.

In addition to the walking route, a leaflet introducing how to use health play equipment in the health promotion park and the park has been completed!
Recommended spots are also posted, so please use them when walking.

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