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Way of Kanagawa accommodation history

Last update date March 27, 2019

"Way of Kanagawa accommodation history" establishes guide panel in point leaving history and legend and maintains the making of way and scenery and is promenade of history that allowed to visit the origin of Kanagawa Ward happily and to walk.

Way illustrated map of Kanagawa accommodation history

Tokaido Kanagawa accommodation

One Kanagawa accommodation of fifty-three stages of the Tokaido. This place name is origin of the name of the prefecture and the name of ward.
In addition, here was mother's body of modern city Yokohama.
However, by the Great Kanto Earthquake and World War II, we lost most of historic inheritances.
Therefore, even in local people, person to know came to have little Tokaido how was state of post town through where.
Most of the things at the time of post town are lost, but can find feature at the time in slopes of Daimachi now.

Way brochure of Kanagawa accommodation history

It is brochure which each spot, map of "way of Kanagawa accommodation history" is published in.
※We distribute in Kanagawa Ward government office and Kanagawa District center.

▼Data of brochure

※About "Daiba, Kanagawa reference library" listing in map among data
We are closed from March, 2013.
In addition, we can look at remains of an ancient structure of the building outside sequentially.

Way collective downloading (PDF: 20,412KB) of Kanagawa accommodation history[PDF]

※The division version is this.
Cover (PDF: 1,505KB)[PDF]
Preface (PDF: 312KB)[PDF]
Map (PDF: 27,496KB)[PDF]
Explanation 1 (PDF: 667KB) [PDF]() (top stand bridge, barrier trace of Kanagawa stand, teahouse of Daimachi, Kotohira Shrine)
Explanation 2 (PDF: 678KB) [PDF]() (milestone trace, inning and Kaemon Takashima, three treasures temple, Honkaku-ji Temple)
Explanation 3 (PDF: 503KB) [PDF]() (opening and Aokibashi Bridge, jinkoji, *monji of railroad, Miyamae mall and old way)
Explanation 4 (PDF: 540KB) [PDF]() (Suzaki Oga, honorific title of a Japanese god mountain, sect interest temple and hebon doctor, Oido of Kanagawa)
Explanation 5 (PDF: 740KB) [PDF]() (Honjin trace, placard spot, river and kappa, kiyome*ji of waterfall)
Explanation 6 (PDF: 557KB) [PDF]() (Daiba, Kanagawa trace, keiunji, entering Nirvana temple, Kanagawa District center)
Explanation 7 (PDF: 915KB) [PDF]() (the House of Kumano Shrine gold storehouse Toko-ji Temple Shinmei shrine)
Explanation 8 (PDF: 793KB) [PDF]() (Noman temple excellent spring temple shade nogi Inari President God deferred temple trace, Doi trace)

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