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History, main business of Kanagawa Ward required

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History, main business required
The Christian eraJapanese calendarEventThe Christian eraJapanese calendarEvent
1266Bunei 3

The place name views of Kanagawa.
It is in Tokimune Hojo following sentences with "shinnakawa"

196742, Showa

The Kanagawa Ward young people library opening
(existing Kougaya community house)

1510The Eisho era 7Battle of honorific title of a Japanese god mountain196944, ShowaThe streetcar abolition in ward
1601The Keicho era 6

System of Tokaido post town post-horse is established
Kanagawa accommodation setting

197045, ShowaThe Hiranuma commemorative gymnasium opening
1604The Keicho era 9We maintain Tokaido and put milestone197247, ShowaThe trolley-bus abolition in ward
1622Genna 8

It is said that Kanagawa palace was built in Gotencho
(Aokicho, Kanagawa yearbook)

197449, ShowaThe first inhabitant of a ward conferencing
1655Origin of Meiryaku era

It is said that it was destroyed Kanagawa palace
(Aokicho, Kanagawa yearbook)

197550, ShowaGathering of the first inhabitants of a ward holding
1667Kanbun 7Yoshidashinden inning becomes197651, ShowaThe first inhabitant of a ward Festival holding
1703The Genroku era 16The Genroku era earthquake  Kanagawa leading establishment, announcement
1707The Hoei era 4Mount Fuji eruption, Hoeizan are made. Musashi, Sagami damage size197853, ShowaThe Kanagawa public hall opening
1786The Tenmei era 6Kanagawa accommodation big fire, 300 destruction by fire197954, ShowaTokaido goods line Tsurumi - Hazawa, Yokohama - Tozuka opening
1802The Kyowa era 2The "foot journey out of Tokaido" of ten sides building 19 first volume198156, ShowaThe Kandaiji district center opening
1803The Kyowa era 3

For the Shogunate, the Five Routes for dullness illustrated map order,
We let the village details book of accommodation village push itself forward

  Emblem establishment of ward
1806Culture 3Dullness illustrated map is completed for the Five Routes198358, ShowaForest opening of the park of hokenjishimin
1824Civil administration 7"Kanagawa Sunako"  Ward mascot mark establishment
1831The Tenpo era 2

A fire breaks out from Kanagawa accommodation big fire, wild Shukumachi.
It extends to Aokicho. More than 1,200 destruction by fire

198459, ShowaSawando Chuo Park opening of the park
1832The Tenpo era 3Hokusai Katsushika "mt. Fuji 36 view"198560, ShowaMunicipal subway, opening between Yokohama - Shin-Yokohama
1833The Tenpo era 4Hiroshige Andou "fifty-three stages of the Tokaido"198661, ShowaThe Kanagawa District center opening
1836The Tenpo era 7"Edo pictorial description of noted places"198762, ShowaThe Kanagawa library opening
1843The Tenpo era 14"higashikaidoshukumuradaigaicho"  The back stripe-so opening
1853The Kaei era 6We visit a shore in Perry Uraga198863, ShowaMitsuzawa murmuring city park maintenance completion
1854Origin of Ansei

The Shogunate, Perry and the Convention of Kanagawa
We conclude (Kanagawa treaty)

1989Origin of HeiseiYokohama exhibition holding
1855Ansei 2Ansei major earthquake  Tree (fist) of ward, flower (tulip) establishment of ward
1856Ansei 3We arrive at U.S. consul general Harris Shimoda19902, HeiseiThe ward office annex completion
1857Ansei 4We give the Shogunate, Matsuyama feudal clan an order for the guard of Kanagawa19913, HeiseiThe first Kanagawa Ward tulip Festival holding
1858Ansei 5We conclude Osamu enthusiast trade agreement in Japan and the U.S. with Harris in Shogunate, Kanagawa  The Kandaiji Chuo Park child log house opening
1859Ansei 6

U.K. consul general Alcock arrival at post to Japan

  The ward office Main Building redevelopment completion
  We open a port of Kanagawa, Nagasaki, Hakodate19924, Heisei

Kanagawa Ward lyceum establishment

  Regular run start of Kanagawa - bank dried interval  The Urashimaoka Junior High School community house opening
  The Daiba, Kanagawa start of construction  

The Tammachi at-home support Service Center opening
(current Sorimachi community care plaza)

  We visit a shore in specialist in Presbyterian Church propagation hebon couple, Kanagawa, America  

The shinkoremokujiku center opening
(genshinkoremokujiiki care plaza juxtaposition)


American reformist c.m. Brown,
We visit a shore in specialist in propagation Simmons, Kanagawa

19935, Heisei

Kanagawa Ward image-song "early spring flower"
The choice, announcement

  We establish seven places of barriers, guard station ten places19946, HeiseiThe Kanagawa sports center opening
1860Origin of ManenDaiba, Kanagawa completion  The 京急バス district second kind city area redevelopment completion
1862Bunkyu 2The Namamugi Incident  The Rokukakubashi Junior High School community house opening
1868Keio 4

A fire breaks out from Kanagawa accommodation big fire, the west no town.
It extends to Namamugi-mura

  We appoint municipal elementary and junior high school (22) in evacuation shelter
 Origin of Meiji

September 8 Meiji and change of an era
Kanagawa setting

  Can, bottle separated collection starts in the whole area in ward
1869Meiji 2

Telegraphic communication is opened between Tokyo - Yokohama

19968, Heisei"Contact visit" start
1870Meiji 3We abolish name of Honjin, subsidiary inn for daimyo's attendants19979, HeiseiLifelong learning support center establishment
  Kanagawa overpass (the first Aokibashi Bridge) completion19979, Heisei"Kanagawa Ward disaster preparedness plan" (earthquake disaster measures) development
1871Meiji 4Kaemon Takashima, Takashimacho inning completion  Inlet River murmuring city park maintenance completion
  We abolish barrier, guard station  Child, home support center establishment
1872Meiji 5The railroad opening of business between Shimbashi - Yokohama199911, Heiseihato friend Kanagawa, young grass establishment
1873Meiji 6We abolish notice board  The Kougaya Park community house opening
1879Meiji 12Aokicho big fire, 220 destruction by fire  The Sugeta community care plaza opening
1889Meiji 22Yokohama-shi birth  The Sugeta district center opening
1901Meiji 34Kanagawa-cho is merged with city200012, HeiseiThe Katakura three pieces community care plaza opening
1904Meiji 37

Yokohama electric railroad, the opening of business between Kanagawa - Oebashi Bridge
(the beginning of streetcar)

  The Shin-Koyasu Station west district first kind Urban District Redevelopment Project completion
1905Meiji 38

Keihin electric railroad, Shinagawa - Kanagawa interval
(Keihin Electric Express in the back)

200113, HeiseiThe Shinkoyasu community care plaza opening
1908Meiji 41

Yokohama railroad, opening between Higashikanagawa -8 princes
(JR Yokohama Line in the back)

200214, HeiseiHealth and Welfare Center establishment
1923Taisho 12The Great Kanto Earthquake  The Higashi-Kanagawa Station East Exit first class Urban District Redevelopment Project completion
1926Taisho 15

Tokyo Yokohama railroad, opening between Maruko Tama River - Kanagawa
(later Toukyu Toyoko Line)

200315, HeiseiThe eastern part of kanakku city nursing building completion
  Keihin first national highway completion  

Yokohama-shi city planning master plan Kanagawa Ward plan "Kanagawa Ward town development plan" development

19272, ShowaThe Kanagawa constituency system enforcement200416, HeiseiMinato Mirai Line opening
19283, ShowaToukyu Toyoko Line, opening between Shibuya - Yokohama  The Shirohata district center opening
19294, ShowaIt is filled up the top no river  The kanakku hall opening
19305, ShowaIt is made the top stand bridge  Inhabitant of a ward activity support center establishment
  Kanagawa Park opening of the park200517, HeiseiKanagawa Ward community-based welfare health planning development
19316, ShowaWe establish in Yokohama-shi Central Wholesale Market, Yamanouchicho200618, HeiseiMy town Kanagawa 50 selections choice
194520, Showa

Yokohama blitzkrieg

  The Sawando Mitsuzawa community care plaza opening
  We end World War II200719, HeiseiKanagawa local action home is opened faintly
194722, ShowaThe existing JR Yokohama Line Oguchi Station opening of business  The local child care support base "kanachie" opening
194924, ShowaYokohama trade exhibition is held in Tammachi200820, Heisei

Harborside highway opening

  We are completed in ward office Government building Aokicho200921, HeiseiThe "my town Kanagawa best" choice
195025, ShowaThe city hall moves to Yokohama trade exhibition ruins (Tammachi)201022, Heisei

Sorimachi station square contact salon opening

195530, ShowaThe tenth National Athletic Meet201123, HeiseiToyoko flower city park whole line opening
195631, ShowaYokohama-shi becomes ordinance-designated city  The Yokohama-shi animal protection center opening
195934, Showa

The existing city hall (Minatocho, Naka-ku) is completed


27, Heisei

Yokohama-shi environmental science research institute moves to Ebisucho, Kanagawa-ku from Isogo Ward
196338, ShowaSorimachi Park is opened in the city hall ruins  The Bank of Yokohama ice arena (former Kanagawa skating rink) opening
196439, Showa

We are completed in kusogochoshahiromedaitadencho

201628, HeiseiKanagawa support love plan (the third Kanagawa Ward community-based welfare health planning) development
  Mitsuzawa Park gridiron completion201729, HeiseiThe Kanagawa constituency system 90th anniversary
  Tokyo Olympics holding201931, Heisei

Yokohama-shi city planning master plan Kanagawa Ward plan
"Kanagawa Ward town development plan" revision

196540, ShowaThe Daisan Keihin Expressway opening   

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