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Introduction of inhabitant of a ward activity support center

Final update date April 1, 2021

The Kanagawa Ward Citizens' Activities Support Center provides information on social activities, provides a place as an activity base, provides information on lectures and training on social activities, and rents equipment as a base for familiar social activities. . In addition, we accept consultation about social movement, lifelong learning in general.

[Important] News from Kanagawa Ward' Activities Support Center

Please cooperate with measures to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection.

Please note that the emergency declaration has been completed on March 21, 2021, and will be used for the time being after taking the following infection prevention measures. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but we appreciate your understanding and cooperation in order to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection and for your health and safety.

Conditions of Use after March 23

We will change some of the terms of use from March 23. Major changes are as follows:

  • Change the distance between users to a minimum of 1m (2m if possible).
  • According to the above, the capacity of the exchange room will be changed to 16 or less.

Please also refer to "About infection prevention measures (request when using facilities)" below.

About infection prevention measures (request when using facilities)

a common request
  • Please keep a sufficient distance (at least 1m, if possible, 2m) between users.
  • Please cooperate with disinfection of touching parts and regular ventilation.
  • When visiting the museum, please cooperate in wearing masks, hand washing, and hand disinfection.
  • Please have the temperature checked before visiting and confirm that it is normal heat.
  • If you are not feeling well or have cold symptoms such as fever, please refrain from visiting the museum.
  • If you do not follow the instructions of the center staff, we will refuse use.
Use of interchange room
  • Please use with a capacity of 16 or less. If you use the interchange room A and interchange room B separately, the number of people will be 8 or less.
  • Activities that are expected to be exhaled, such as dance, gymnastics, singing, etc., can also be used in response to common requests (wearing masks, securing sufficient distance, etc.). (Please note that a mask will be worn when singing.)
  • Activities with loud voices, such as singing, cannot be performed face-to-face.
  • Record the participant's name and contact information, and keep them properly for two weeks.
  • If a participant's infection is found, be sure to contact the Residents' Activities Support Center. If a public health center requests that the information be submitted, you agree to the submission.
Use of work corners (printers, paper folding machines, etc.)
  • Please make a reservation in advance by telephone or other means to use the work corner.
  • The number of users is limited to 2 per group.
Use of free space (meeting corner) and PC corner
  • Free space (meeting corner) and PC corner will be used by two or less people.
    • When using the free space with two people, another person cannot use the PC corner.
    • Only one free space is available when using the PC corner by one person.
  • Use is limited to 30 minutes per group.
    • However, if there are no other users, it can be extended up to 30 minutes.
About consultation

For consultation, please contact us in advance by telephone, e-mail, fax, etc. If you need to visit, please make a reservation for the date and time.


  • Please note that depending on the future situation, there may be changes in usage and some or all of the facilities may be suspended. In that case, we will inform you on this website.
  • The Kanagawa Ward Residents' Activities Support Center is closed on Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, and holidays.

NEW What's New

We issued news from inhabitant of a ward activity support center "Gurobaru, Ai" (April, May, 2021 issue) (PDF: 1,310KB)!

Supporting Activities

We support your activities!

support menu

Consultation Corner

Photo of the consultation section

Consultation on various activity groups, circle activities, learning activities, event holdings, facilities used, etc. We also provide, introduce and coordinate information necessary for activities.

Provision of a place for exchange

Photo of the interchange room

Exchange room.. It can be used for group meetings and training. Exchange room A (about 12 people), interchange room B (about 12 people), AB can be removed from the partition and used.
Kametaro Box.. It can be used for storing items necessary for activities and exchanging information between registered organizations.
You can store mail and fax notice of the center.
(Only registered organizations are available.)

Rental of equipment

Photo of a printing machine (lisograph)

We rent use of work corner necessary for social movement, lifelong learning, equipment.
Work Corner... Printing machine, paper folding machine, cutting machine, connecting machine, poster printer
Rental equipment. Projector, screen, wireless microphone amplifier, CD player
For more information, see the equipment rental page.
(Only registered organizations are available.)

Provision of Information

Information magazine Gorobaru Ai Photo

To support learning and activities in Kanagawa Ward and activities support center information magazine "Gurobaru Ai" every other month to support learning and activities.
It is full of information from local and various viewpoints. Volunteers are also participating in the editing!
For more information, please see the "Gurobaru / Ai" page.
In addition, we can post flyers such as recruitment of activity members, so please consult us.

Kanagawa inhabitant of a ward BANK

"Assistant BANK" is a wide range of fields that are closely related to life, such as lifelong learning, welfare health, and community development. It is a human resources registration system.
By making use of his own special skills, he gives lectures and performs and shows events, etc., and contributes widely to local activities and citizens' lifelong learning.
If you are looking for an event performer or instructor at Neighborhood Association Citizen's Citizen's Facility, etc. If you are looking for an event performer orNeighborhood Associations City Teacher, registered as a helper BANK.
The Kanagawa Ward Citizens' Activities Support Center coordinates those who want to volunteer (registrants) and those who seek support (requesters).

-For more information, see the BANK page. (There is a list of registrants)-

List of registered organizations

We make with cooperation of each group to provide information of group performing social movement in various fields mainly in Kanagawa Ward to inhabitants of a ward.
The groups listed are mainly active in citizen-use facilities in the city, such as the inhabitant of a ward activity support center, district center, and community house.
Please use it for information exchange between those who want to start or experience something and groups. Group registration is also available at any time.
For more information, please contact the Citizens' Activities Support Center.

List of Registered Organizations <As of July 2020> (PDF: 907KB)

Other course and event information (link to other sites)

Yokohama-shi citizen collaboration promotion center
Planet Kanagawa (outside site) (Lecture / event information in the prefecture)
Volunteer recruitment information (outside site) (Yokohama City Council of Social Welfare Yokohama City Volunteer Center)
Hamaspo NAVI (outside site) (sports event information in the city)

Inhabitant of a ward activity support center summary

Opening days and hours
NameKanagawa Ward Residents' Activities Support Center
Location〒221-0824 3-8 Hirodaiotacho, Kanagawa-ku Kanagawa Ward,
Opening daysMonday to Friday (closed on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, and New Year's holidays)
Opening hoursFrom 8:45 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
For inquiriesTelephone: 045-41-7089 FAX: 045-323-2502
E-mail: [email protected]

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Inquiries to this page

Kanagawa Ward Regional Promotion Division, General Affairs Department

Telephone: 045-411-7086

Telephone: 045-411-7086

Fax: 045-323-2502

Email address: [email protected]

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