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Introduction of inhabitant of a ward activity support center

Last update date October 1, 2020

In Kanagawa Ward inhabitant of a ward activity support center, we carry out offer of social movement information, offer of place as base, reporting such as course, the training about social movement, machine parts rental as base of imminent social movement. In addition, about overall social movement, lifelong learning provide consultation.

[important] News from Kanagawa Ward inhabitant of a ward activity support center

I would like cooperation for measures of new coronavirus infectious disease extended prevention

Because 3 avoids contact dense and more than required from the viewpoint of new coronavirus infectious disease prevention, please understand as it is the use on having taken infection preventive measures to show next for the time being, and to do. I apologize to users for the inconvenience sequentially, but, for new coronavirus infectious disease extended prevention, would appreciate your understanding, cooperation for your health and security again.

About Terms of Use after September 23

We change a part of the Terms of Use from September 23. Main changes are as follows.

  • About distance that users keep, we change distance that there was as 2m or more more than 1m until now.
  • We were asking in 12 or less until now and, about capacity to use of interchange room, change in lower than 16.

The following address, "(at the time of facility use ask), please confirm about preventive measures against infection in addition, too".

About preventive measures against infection (at the time of facility use ask)

Common request
  • You keep users, enough distance (if possible 1m), and please move into action.
  • I would like cooperation for disinfection of part to touch of the hand, periodical ventilation.
  • On visit, I would like cooperation in wearing, hand-washing of mask, finger disinfection.
  • You have you take temperature before having you visit, and please confirm that it is normal temperature.
  • Person who is poor in physical condition and fever which a cold symptom is seen in, please write down visit.
  • When I cannot have according to instructions of staff of center, I decline the use.
The use of interchange room
  • I would like the use in lower than 16 capacity. We divide into interchange room A, interchange room B and, in the case of the use, become eight or less each.
  • You can use dance, exercises, song for common (wearing of mask, securing of enough distance) to ask for after correspondence about activity that it is assumed that expiration becomes intense. (as it becomes mask wearing in the case of song, please be careful)
  • Activity with loud voice faces each other and cannot perform songs.
  • You record participant name and contact information, and please keep appropriately for two weeks.
  • When infection of participant becomes clear, please connect with inhabitant of a ward activity support center by all means. When submission of the information concerned is called for by public health centers, please agree to submission.
The use of work corner (press, paper fold machines)
  • The use of work corner calls beforehand, and please make a reservation.
  • We do number of people to two people per 1 group.
Free space (meeting corner) and the use of PC corner
  • It becomes the use in two or less in conjunction with free space (meeting corner) and PC corner.
    • There are two people in free space, and another one person cannot use PC corner at the time of use.
    • When we use PC corner in one person, free space is available only to one person.
  • The use should be 1 group less than 30 minutes.
    • But we can further extend until 30 minutes when there are not other users.
About consultation

About consultation, we hear from by telephone, E-mail, FAX beforehand and we make a reservation and would appreciate your going over the date and time when visit is necessary.


  • Some change and facilities of usage or all is that the use may suspend, and, by the future situation, please understand. In that case, we will tell on these homepages.
  • Kanagawa Ward inhabitant of a ward activity support center is closing on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, holiday.

NEW latest information

"gurobaru matched" (2020 10.11 month issue), and news from inhabitant of a ward activity support center issued (PDF: 2,682KB)!

Support of activity

We support your activity!

Menu of support

Consultation corner

Photograph of consultation corner

About various activity groups and circle activities, learning activity, event holding, the use facility provide consultation. In addition, we do offer and introduction, coordinates of information necessary for activity.

Offer of place of exchange

Photograph of interchange room

It is available for meeting or the training of interchange room ‥ ‥ group. Interchange room A (about 12), interchange room B (about 12), A B take off partition and can use.
It is available for storage of article necessary for tortoise Taro box ‥ ‥ activity or information exchange between registration groups.
We can keep mail, FAX of c/o center.
(only registration group is available)

Rental of machine parts

Photograph of press (lithograph)

We rent use, machine parts of work corner necessary for social movement, lifelong learning.
Work corner ‥ ‥ press, paper fold machine, cutter, gathering machine, poster printer
Rental machine parts ‥ ‥ projector, screen, wireless microphone amplifier, CD player
For more details, please see rental of machine parts page.
(only registration group is available)

Offer of information

Information magazine gurobaru, aino photograph

"gurobaru matches" and o is bimonthly and issues inhabitant of a ward activity support center information magazine to support study bito activity of Kanagawa Ward.
Information from viewpoint that we disseminate information and vary from area is full loading. Volunteer participates in editing, too!
For more details, "gurobaru matches", and please see no page.
In addition, please consult as we can post flyers such as recruitment of activity members.

Kanagawa inhabitant of a ward helper BANK

"Helper BANK" is the wide field coherent to life such as lifelong learning, the welfare health, town development and makes use of own special ability, experience, knowledge and is people in fortune registration system that local as << teacher of town >> is played an active part in volunteer.
We make use of own special abilities and perform lecturer of course and by doing appearance, announcement to events, contribute to local action and citizen's lifelong learning widely.
When you are looking for performer and lecturer of event, in Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations, child society, school or the citizen's use facility, please utilize << teacher of town >> of helper BANK registration.
In Kanagawa Ward inhabitant of a ward activity support center, we will coordinate people (client) requesting support with people (registrant) who want to make volunteer.

Please see page of helper BANK ... in detail. It is ... (there is list of lists of registrants)

List of registration groups

We make with the cooperation of each group to provide information of group performing social movement of various fields around the Kanagawa Ward to inhabitants of a ward.
Group published in list works mainly in use of citizen facility in wards such as inhabitant of a ward activity support center, district center community house.
Please utilize for and information exchange between groups that you want to begin something and want to experience from now on. We perform group registration at any time.
For details, please contact inhabitant of a ward activity support center.

List of registration groups <as of July, 2020> (PDF: 907KB)

Other courses, event information (link to other sites)

Yokohama-shi promotion of civic cooperation center
Planet Kanagawa (the outside site) (course, event information in the prefecture)
Recruitment of volunteers information (the outside site) (Yokohama-shi Council of Social Welfare Yokohama-shi volunteer center)
Hama sports NAVI (the outside site) (sporting event information in the city)

Inhabitant of a ward activity support center summary

The opening day, opening time
NameKanagawa Ward inhabitant of a ward activity support center
The location〒The fifth floor of the 221-0824 3-8, Hirodaiotamachi, Kanagawa-ku Kanagawa Ward synthesis government building Main Building
The opening dayMonday through Friday (on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, we are closed for New Year holidays)
Opening timeFrom 8:45 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
ReferenceTelephone: 045-411-7089 FAX: 045-323-2502
E-mail: [email protected]

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Telephone: 045-411-7086

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