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Izumi (spring taste) pride

Last update date July 1, 2020

Leaflet which sends charm including agriculture of Izumi Ward

As for the Izumi Ward, cultivated area area is the largest in the city, and agriculture is prosperous, and there are many direct sale places of farm products. "Izumi (spring taste) pride" is leaflet sending charm of Izumi Ward through introductions such as farm products, vegetables direct sale places of such an Izumi Ward inside and outside the ward.
With "Izumi (spring taste) pride" as dragoman, does fresh vegetables, fruit not make a tour of full direct sale places?

Izumi pride 2019 cover
Izumi pride cover

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Distribution place

Other than Izumi Ward government office (Ward Administration Promotion Division Planning and Adjustment Section, Public Relations Section), the city library, we distribute in Sotetsu Line, municipal subway (Yokohama - Shimoiida) each station setting up municipal administration PR box.
(finished as soon as it disappears).

Back numbers

It is this that "is proud of Izumi" (spring taste) that was issued in the past.

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