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Izumi Ward life convenience book

2020 (Raiwa 2) version

Last update date March 29, 2020

2020 (Raiwa 2) version

We issued "2020 (Raiwa 2) version Izumi Ward life convenience book" that placed information that was convenient for daily livings.
Match with other documents and hand in Family Registry Division and distribute to people who move into, and are filed for in Izumi Ward the first floor of the government office Public Relations Section (101 windows) toward the hope. Please inflect.

Collective downloading

All page lumps (PDF: 8,289KB)
We can download all 28 pages of A4 seals. (as file size is big, please be careful.)
In the case of the use, I would like bus map route map from the division downloading in A3 seal spread.

We download separately

"Izumi Ward life convenience book" contents
ItemMain contents
(in the link pages such as Izumi Ward, Yokohama-shi homepage concerned)
Cover, table of contents (PDF: 879KB) 
Summary of Izumi Ward, information for Izumi Ward government office (PDF: 912KB)
Spot (PDF: 1,395KB) to go out to in Izumi Ward
At the time of sudden illness, we glance through Izumi Ward hospital, clinics (PDF: 875KB)
To disaster possess (PDF: 1,779KB)
Culture facility (PDF: 899KB)Culture facility
Use of citizen facility (PDF: 828KB)Use of citizen facility
Welfare facilities (PDF: 893KB)Welfare facilities
Izumi Ward bus map map side (PDF: 2,845KB)
Izumi Ward bus map information side (PDF: 1,617KB)
  • Route map, list of systems, fare information, main station bus stop guidance
Main government offices, public institution (PDF: 619KB)
  • Main government offices, public institution
Nursery school, kindergarten, child care support facility, school, elderly person facility, other facilities (PDF: 838KB)
Izumi Ward government office outline of business (PDF: 799KB)
List of windows including ward office according to business (PDF: 1,284KB)
  • List of windows including ward office according to business
Information for Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations (PDF: 972KB)
Convenience information, back cover (PDF: 1,002KB) of living

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