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Kamakura military commander Shigetada Hatakeyama

Last update date January 21, 2019

Shigetada Hatakeyama and Asahi Ward

When we cut the Shogunate open with military commander who played an active part in the Kamakura era, we made power, and Shigetada Hatakeyama was trusted very much by Yoritomo Minamoto.
In the times of the Taira height of prosperity, we were born in current Hatakeyama, Fukaya-shi, Saitama (former Kawamoto-machi) and set up mansion in Ranzan-machi. Shigetada is said to have played an active part in the Oshu conquest the fight with Taira with Yoshitsune Minamoto in one valley and Yashima.
However, it was wound up for struggle for power of the Shogunate and did for slaying death near Tsurugamine on the way to Kamakura. As local people remember the personality, and they just handed down more than 800 years, in Asahi Ward, historic spot related to Shigetada remains a lot.
In addition, in Yakuoji with six mounds, memorial service to remember Shigetada Hatakeyama by dedication of Prince Shigetada Japanese translation of Buddhist hymns of praise and Shigetada clause dance on June 22 is held every year.

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Document about Shigetada Hatakeyama

●About life of Shigetada Hatakeyama

●About the ground related to Shigetada Hatakeyama around Tsurugamine

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Photograph of historic spot related to Shigetada Hatakeyama

Main historic spot where is related to Shigetada Hatakeyama in Asahi Ward

Prince Shigetada Hatakeyama monument
We memorialized 750 years after Shigetada Hatakeyama death, and, in June, 1955, it was erected by volunteer of Tsurugamine and Hatakeyama, Fukaya-shi, Saitama (former Kawamoto-machi). Monument is built in good place of view of intersection where water supply way crosses Atsugi Highway.

Photograph 1 of Prince Shigetada Hatakeyama monument

Photograph 2 of Prince Shigetada Hatakeyama monument

Tomb for the war dead
Neck of Shigetada is said to be worshiped place. It is in slightly small high place of the ward office backside, and "tomb for the war dead" and written leveling pole are marks. It faced west, but seemed to be turning to the south before now.
Is said to the side that wash neck, and cleansed; "wash neck; there was well", but is disappearing now. There is hole approximately 1 meter in diameter in riverbank and says that water sprang out.

Photograph 1 of tomb for the war dead

Photograph 2 of tomb for the war dead

Palanquin mound
As for "before of chrysanthemum," room (in wives of person who is high in social position) received communication of battle among Shigetada Hatakeyama and we hurried and rushed.
However, we grieved to hear Shigetada death in battle in this ground and killed ourselves. We are told that every palanquin was buried in the place.
There seemed to be big mound where the circumference was surrounded in water purification plant before. We were moved outside place in 1955, and it was maintained in current figure afterwards in 1974.

Photograph 1 of palanquin mound

Photograph 2 of palanquin mound

Six mounds (Yakuoji)
Including Shigetada Hatakeyama, there are six mounds informed that we buried whole family 134 horse men. Ghost of Shigetada is enshrined in Yakuoji that is shrine, and memorial service is held every year on June 22 of anniversary of the death.

Photograph of Yakuoji

Photograph of six mounds

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