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Asahi Ward inhabitant of a ward attitude survey

Last update date March 12, 2019

In Asahi Ward, watch your life or consciousness, of the future administration of a ward administration carry out "Asahi Ward ward inhabitant attitude survey" to refer to. Findings inflects as basic information to push forward future livable town development about Asahi Ward.

We carried out Asahi Ward inhabitant of a ward attitude survey in 2018

In Asahi Ward, we have a basic goal of getting the "relief" "healthy" "hometown" and push forward various approaches. Inhabitants of a ward feel what kind of thing for living environment, local action or the welfare on pushing forward such an approach and, also, they know what kind of request there is and will investigate for the purpose of what we utilize as the basics information to make town which will be livable in future. The number of the answers to investigation was the highest ever. Thank you for your cooperation for investigation.

Investigation summary

Investigation period: From Friday, September 21, 2018 to Monday, October 22
Subjects of survey: 3,000 men and women who live in Asahi Ward 20 years or older
Extracting method: Basic Resident Register, random sampling from non-Japanese registration original slip
Investigation method: Shipment of questionnaire by mail and collection
The number of the collections: 1,694 (56.5% of recoveries)


It is for 2018 Asahi Ward inhabitant of a ward attitude survey/report division

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