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Route introduction of oldness and ridge way course (Tsurugamine Station - ZOORASIA)

※It rose, and the course name changed health to course (route full of nature feeling mountain and green) made now.

Last update date January 21, 2019

We walked oldness and ridge way course in one day in April!
Were you able to arrive at Yokohama Zoo ZOORASIA safely?…
We introduce state of journey.

●Green road walk map
●Sunlight item (hat, parasol) which is

Start: Tsurugamine Station

Photograph of the Tsurugamine Station north exit

We walk toward the mall.
Blue sky is beautiful.

Photograph of Tsurugamine mall entrance

There are two of route via route via bus terminal and Tsurugamine Park,
This time is tsu rimashita in Tsurugamine Park.

Photograph of Tsurugamine Park entrance

At entrance of park azalea.

Photograph of azalea

We appear in bridge when we go through Tsurugamine Park.

State of Katabira River

There is Tsurugamine Inari Shrine when we cross the bridge

Photograph of Tsurugamine Inari Shrine

Hometown was just visited.

Checkpoint: Palanquin mound

Across park of Tsurugamine Inari Shrine, we appear at Atsugi Highway when we go up stairs.
We join way from bus terminal here.
Across signal, we enter narrow way.

Photograph of join from bus terminal

Mark is clothing general merchandising store and convenience store.
We follow path between these two houses.

Then stairs.

Photograph of stairs of the walking course middle

We climb these stairs with effort.

Enkianthus perulatus which was tree of Asahi Ward aside of stairs bloomed.

Photograph of Enkianthus perulatus

We appear on hill when we finish going up stairs.
It is route that just goes straight,
We dropped in a little here.
We turn right, and there is Tsurugamine third Park when we go up slope.

Photograph of Tsurugamine third Park

We can look at the Landmark Tower from here on day when it was fine!

Well, we come back to route.

When we go down slope and go straight, there is parking lot,
We turn right at the corner.
There is palanquin mound when we follow this path.

Photograph of palanquin mound

Checkpoint: Oldness and ridge way city park

Photograph of oldness and ridge way city park entrance

It bloomed on the roadside.

Photograph of flower of jaguar

It seems to be flower called "fringed iris".

Photograph of ground pink

As for the white ground pink.
Neighborhood seemed to raise.

We appear on this way when we walk green walk.

Photograph of the walking course middle

Across road, we go up stairs,
We just advance to way.

Photograph of ornament of gorilla which we found during walking

There was gorilla.
Besides, animal was on this way

We appear in three-way intersection when we pass through way where animals are.
Right directions turn right,
We turned left and have lost our way.
However, is it fluke?

Photograph of exercise appliance

Such an exercise appliance was installed in way
It may be good to use.

Well, come back to right way,
We turn left.

Walking course looks on the way

This in the other side of road continuance of city park.

Walking course looks on the way

Let's cross crossing.

We advance to way more and more.
As there are stairs, the tops are below this

Walking course looks on the way

In addition, we just walk on way

Feeling of close goal

Green walk was over and appeared at Nakahara Highway
We turn right at here
Through yokohamaasahiryokokozen,
When we go straight

Photograph of ZOORASIA entrance signboard

Signboard of ZOORASIA entrance!
Across crossing, we advance straight

Photograph of forest Park entrance of Yokohama animal

Photograph of ZOORASIA entrance

Giraffe is cute
We arrived at Yokohama Zoo ZOORASIA!


As buses from ZOORASIA to Tsurugamine Station were over return, we used bus.
And and had lost our way while taking photograph it took about a little less than two hours.
As it was going to appear in brochure, and time was 90 minutes, it became slightly slow.

As they walked in late April, all the cherry blossoms have been scattered,
Cherry blossoms may walk bottoms in full blossom if we walk in March.
As for the current season, the fresh green was dazzling.

Everybody, please walk green lord, too


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