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Book-reading activities promotion target

Last update date July 30, 2019

Aims from 2019 to 2023

We revised Asahi Ward book-reading activities promotion target

In aim before revision "getting close" reflected opinion of various places of ward inhabitant by workshop of twice that held with ward inhabitant participation type and opinion offer by homepages "knowing" without basic aim of "is connected" turning, is new; aimed, and revised. It increases place and opportunities to be able to get close to book by cooperation of ward office, library, school and civic participation such as volunteers and holds events such as Asahi Ward junior high student vibrio battle meeting or story-telling and will open book-reading activities in future.

Asahi Ward book-reading activities promotion target (from 2019 to 2023) brochure

We performed inhabitant of a ward opinion offer about Asahi Ward book-reading activities promotion target (draft)

From offer period Monday, June 10, 2019 to Friday, July 12

In Asahi Ward, to plan promotion of book-reading activities along regionality of ward, in 2014 "Asahi Ward book-reading activities promotion target" of five years
We devised, but revise as new aim (draft) of 5 years from 2019 as aim period was expired in 2018
We did. We carried out inhabitant of a ward opinion offer to have been based on opinion of inhabitants of a ward in this aim.

Asahi Ward book-reading activities promotion target (draft)

On the basis of opinion that I received from draft, we did aim revision.

Aims from 2014 to 2018

We know 1

About inhabitant of a ward reading related facility and volunteer group information, charm of book-reading activities, we know whether it is inhabitant of a ward and push forward leading figure upbringing, expansion such as enhancement or volunteer of disseminating information to become easy to touch.

Main approach

(1) We send introduction and book of reading related facility in ward, charm of book-reading activities with homepage or printed matter widely in cooperation with related facility, group. [new expansion]

(2) Through volunteer activity display in facility in ward, we aim at excavation of human resources who are interested in volunteer. [expansion]

(3) Targeting at the staff of a school and nursery staff, volunteers such as kindergarten, nursery school, elementary and junior high school, we hold story-telling classes and support individual skill up. [expansion]

2 gets close

We value everyday book-reading activities in home and push forward environment creation and enlightenment from child to elderly person to be able to get close as thing that book-reading activities is more imminent for every people.

Main approach
(1) In kindergarten, nursery school, infants get close to picture book and push forward approach to be able to enjoy. In addition, through cooperation with picture book rental and library in public nursery school in ward, child care support facility, book-reading activities group, we work so that understanding of protector deepens about pleasure of book-reading activities such as story-telling at home. [expansion]
(2) The staff of a school, school librarian (all small, average is going to locate at special support school by 2016), protector, Gakko Tosho volunteer cooperate and are enriched in book-reading activities in school with work for the making of attractive library depending on the fact of school for children. [expansion]
(3) We expand business about book-reading activities in district centers so that various generations can get close to reading in local imminent facility and it cooperates with volunteer of story-telling and reading and promotes book-reading activities in community care plaza. [expansion]
(4) In Asahi library, we are enriched by theme display and information information to be connected for reading promotion of child including expansion, "kodomotoshoshitsu" depending on inhabitant of a ward needs for permanent construction corner and promote support and citizen collaboration to reading related facility and school, volunteer and work on the making of libraries in area. [expansion]

3 is connected

We push forward interchange and information exchange between volunteer groups positively and by deepening horizontal connection of reading related facility and school, aim at expanse of participation as more fixation and local action of book-reading activities in inhabitant of a ward.

Main approach
(1) The book people in charge such as Asahi library and school, use of inhabitant of a ward facility establish place gathering in a hall and push forward interchange between volunteers positively. [expansion]
(2) We tie needs of story-telling volunteer dispatch of facility in ward and volunteer group and open opportunity when place and inhabitant of a ward of activities such as groups enjoy book-reading activities. [newly]

Asahi Ward book-reading activities promotion target (from 2014 to 2018) brochure

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