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Social movement insurance

Last update date November 9, 2018

With social movement insurance

Yokohama-shi bears premium beforehand that citizen feels relieved and can perform volunteer activity and we contract with insurance company and run. This insurance is not necessary for procedure for prior participation and registration. Yokohama-shi and insurance company examine by any chance whether we have you report the situation of everyday concrete volunteer activity contents and accident in writing when accident has happened, and activity and accident meet requirements of social movement insurance.

With volunteer activity targeted for insurance

It is activity to meet all four next important matters.

  1. Activity that Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations which is group, individual constructed voluntarily and local resident organization performs
  2. Nonpaying activity (payment of actual expenses such as transportation expenses is excluded.)
  3. Continuous activity that is carried out premeditatedly
  4. Activity with utility

Eligible people

Person of volunteer activity (person who works continuously without being based in the city, and receiving reward)

About procedure when accident occurred

When accident occurs, you live within 30 days or contact ward office General Affairs Division of ward with base, and please go through the procedure.

About contents of insurance

Please see this.
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