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Environmental lecture

In Aoba Ward, we rouse interest in imminent natural environments and work on the spread, enlightenment of approach for de-warming. We invite expert about environment and carry out lecture to enjoy both children and adults, and to be able to learn.

Last update date October 9, 2020

2020 Aoba Ward environment lecture conduct summary

We learn in parent and child! Eco science stage of environmental experiment performer ramma teacher

Than public information Yokohama September issue

Let's experience environmental experiment performer noramma teacher and water and large air gun of experiment full of humor using air and Guinness world record!
We tell clearly without ramma teacher using difficult words about environmental problem and SDGs.

About postponement accompanied with typhoon No.14 approach (October 9 update)

It became postponement with typhoon No.14 approach. About postponement schedules, I will inform to e-mail address of elected person by 17:00 on October 9.

About lecturer

ramma teacher profile

It was born in 1971. We are from Aoba-ku, Yokohama-shi.
We return home after experiencing planting activity, agriculture assistant in Indonesia in 1995. We feature the theme of environmental problem and are authorized in Guinness world record by scientific experiment Japan's most.

★Message from ramma teacher
About environmental problem, we want to tell all of you clearly without using difficult words,
The pivot of scientific experiment and street performance bare; thought about environmental performance that mixed 16 years ago.
I was from faculty of liberal arts and learned scientific experiment and street performance from 34 years old by self-education.
What we value most is to have environmental problem feel close while not only children but also adult is excited.
We convey story of SDGS clearly both children and adults!


※It became postponement with approach of typhoon No.14.
As you send about news about postponement to e-mail address of elected candidate on October 9, please confirm.
Original schedule: Saturday, October 10, 2020
The first from 10:00 to 11:30 (the 9:30 opening)
The second from 13:30 to 15:00 (the 13:00 opening)


Course (40 minutes) about environment
Break, ventilation (ten minutes)
Performance & experience meeting (40 minutes) which is boiled which is boiled


The fourth floor of the ward office interchange lounge


Resident to primary schoolchild and protector (participation impossibility only for child) in ward


Each 40 times (prior application system lottery)


※Application acceptance was finished on September 20.

Entrance fee

Free of charge

About approach for prevention of new coronavirus infection spread

We carry out the next measures and, for prevention of new coronavirus infection spread, perform.
・On the day, at reception desk, we ask for finger disinfection to thermometry, participant with non-contact type thermometer.
・We ventilate venue.
・We secure distance of seat of each 1 family.
Participating person, please cooperate with wearing of mask, finger disinfection, thermometry.
In addition, by the situation, cancellation, postponement, contents of event may be changed.

Reference about lecture

Aoba Ward Ward Administration Promotion Division Planning and Adjustment Section: 045-978-2216

Past approach

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