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[together) in the 27th (2017 announcement of seaside festival cancellation]

Last update date February 20, 2019

[together) in the 27th (2017 announcement of seaside festival cancellation]

Told about holding with "public information Yokohama" October issue; "the 27th (2017) copulates, and will tell about seaside festival".
By this dissolution of the House of Representatives, election election day became Sunday, October 22.
Most of our festival administration staff by staff of local resident of Nozomu Tsurumi Kaifu and Tsurumi Ward government office will engage in polling place administration duties in election from election eve.
Therefore we are really disappointed, but "the 27th (2017) copulates and has to cancel holding of seaside festival" to make sure of election desk work.
We sincerely apologize to all of this festivals that the holding was looked forward to and would appreciate your understanding.

The date and time: Saturday, October 21, 2017 9:30-15:30
(we postpone at the time of stormy weather on Sunday, October 22)
Place: Irifune park (3-1, Bentencho, Tsurumi-ku)
Sponsorship: Is together; seaside festival executive committee

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