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2020 Totsuka Ward administration policy

Last update date May 12, 2020

We devised Totsuka Ward administration policy in 2020.

We devised "2020 Totsuka Ward administration policy" that settled basic aim of Totsuka Ward and approach for the achievement. We introduce contents.

Basic aim

Heart smile cheerful natotsuka to be connected wealthily

Approach posture for accomplishment

・Cheerful, various main constituents and related organizations and cooperation such as local, group, company, university collaborate with town full of smiles so that it is, and living, people in all divided by totsukani Seki that learns, and works, and is visited make use of "totsukarashisa" and "totsukano charm" which we built until now and push forward town development to be connected in the future.

・It is age to push forward "the fourth totsuka heart plan" (Totsuka Ward community-based welfare health planning) development this year. Anyone is spiritually rich and will go for realization of town to be able to live for while supporting disaster prevention, reduce disaster damage, anti-crime program, approach of a wide variety of areas including the making of friend through cooperation, hobby and theme activity of school, home, area positively commencing with the field of welfare, health.

Administration policy PDF version

Totsuka Ward administration policy reads in Totsuka Ward the ninth floor of the government office 93rd window Ward Administration Promotion Division in 2020 and distributes.

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