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List of facilities that designated manager manages and runs

Last update date April 1, 2019

List of facilities that designated manager manages and runs

We utilize private ability for management administration of facility, and designated manager system plans improvement of inhabitants service.

List of facilities
Name of the facilityDesignated manager name

Tozuka public hall
Tozuka district center
Higashitotsuka district center
Taisho district center
Landing district center
Child log house

Nonprofit foundation totsuka kuminkatsudoshienkyokai (the outside site)
Kamiyabe district centerTown development club, NPO building management network (the outside site) of all consortium NPO
Maioka district centerYokohama YMCA (the outside site)
Tozuka oak cherry blossoms-soshakaifuku*hojinhokokai (the outside site)
Tozuka sports centerAssociation of Yokohama-shi physical education (the outside site)
Kurata community houseSocial welfare corporation fair (the outside site) to open
Tozuka inhabitant of a ward Cultural Center cherry tree plazaArt PLEX Tozuka (the outside site)
(administration company: Kioritz Corporation) (the outside site)

About the choice progress of designated manager, business report, third party evaluation system

In district center, community house, child log house, welfare center for the old, sports center, the inhabitant of a ward Cultural Center, please see page of Regional Promotion Division.

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