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Information for public information Yokohama city version, ward version

Last update date March 4, 2020

In Yokohama-shi, we issue public information Yokohama once a month.

Issue dates

About public information Yokohama
 Public information Yokohama city version, ward version
Issue dateEvery month 1st
AppearanceCity version: 8 pages of ward versions for tabloid: 8 pages of tabloid versions (there is added pages month)
Publication contentsEvents to be carried out targeting at inhabitants of a ward (citizen) every month by 10th in the next month from 11th
Distribution timeUntil every month 10th ※We remove PR box
Distribution methodWe ask Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations for distribution (there is area that silver human resources center distributes)
InquiryWard office Public Relations Section telephone 045-540-2222 FAX045-540-2227

Other acquisition methods

We see on homepage

Kohoku Ward version can look at city version on city homepage on ward homepage.

We see on application and homepage of private business person

We can see Kohoku Ward version with "machiiro (application)" (the outside site) and "my public information paper" (the outside site).

We obtain in PR box

In PR box in station or public facilities, we distribute public information Yokohama.

Image of PR box
PR box (the neighborhood of the first-floor front doorway) in ward office

PR box setting place
  • Each station in ward
  • Service counter in the city hall (Hiyoshi Station, Shin-Yokohama Station, Yokohama Station)
  • Kohoku Ward government office
  • Kohoku library
  • Kohoku sports center
  • Kozukue sports hall
  • Okurayama memorial hall
  • Yokohama Rosai Hospital
  • Yokohama raporu
  • General health medical center
  • Kohoku international exchange lounge
  • Each the ward district center
  • Each the ward community school community house
  • Each the ward community care plaza
  • Kikuna Jurakuso
  • Local child care support base doroppu, doroppu satellite
  • Open space (takatannoochi, kompeito, binobino, pokke) of gathering of parent and children
  • shinyokohama local action home
  • Art forum Azamino
  • Legal Affairs Bureau Kohoku branch office
  • Kohoku pension office
  • Bank of Yokohama (Myorenji Branch, Tsunashima Branch, Hiyoshi Branch, Kikuna Branch, Shin-Yokohama Branch)
  • Yokohama Shinkin Bank (Okurayama Branch, Takada Branch, Shin-Yokohama Branch, Nippa Branch, Tsunashima Branch)
  • All trouble finished Motobu, Kanagawa
  • Maruetsu Okurayama store
  • Library attached to Okura moral culture research institute
  • Yokohama-shi sports medical department studies center
  • Kishinekoen control center
  • Yokohama Arena
  • Tsunashima Park child roguhausumokki
  • Mitsuzawa Park young people field service center
  • niiharu village forest interchange center
  • Nissan Stadium Administration Office
  • Kohoku Ward Council of Social Welfare
  • Kanagawa tax office
  • apitaterasu Tsunashima, Yokohama
  • Part, each the ward kindergarten, nursery school

Inquiry to this page

Kohoku Ward Ward Administration Promotion Division Public Relations Section

Telephone: 045-540-2222

Telephone: 045-540-2222

Fax: 045-540-2227

E-Mail address [email protected]

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