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We devised the eastern part of Hiyoshi Tsunashima district town development vision!

Last update date February 25, 2019

We devised "Hiyoshi district town development vision in eastern Tsunashima" that use of land switch or various development with that advanced, and change of town was chosen as further people, company about Tsunashima Kaido roadside from remarkable Hiyoshi Station to Tsunashima Station and industry accumulation area that spread on the east side, and to work on town development to have you lived and live for work.

By this vision, we clarify in the city planning master plan Kohoku Ward plan (March, 2015 revision) about point saying, "we guide use of produced appropriate land of harmony" about use of land in Hiyoshi and Tsunashima area and share with local resident, companies as guideline of future town development and want to connect with various approaches.

Because various by more concrete problem in area and problems individual in that as for the approach to be settled, in these of local resident with relation landowner, company, "people, product, bureaucrats, study" including ward office cooperate, everyone, and it is necessary to work on pressure, area town development each other to be connected for solution of problem.

As approach for concrete local town development, we accept consultation at the making of rule consultation corner of the town of ward office.

Area that is targeted for vision

Image of area targeted for vision

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