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Tree of flower, ward of Kanazawa Ward emblem, ward

Last update date March 14, 2019

Kanazawa Ward emblem

Wave refers to image of the sea characterizing establishment Kanazawa Ward by gull on March 16, 1987.
Kanazawa Ward emblem

Tree of flower, ward of ward

In Kanazawa Ward, "Botan" (button) chose "wild cherry tree" (wild cherry tree) as tree of ward as flower of ward by postcard vote from inhabitants of a ward on October 18, 1993. We are loved for a long time by inhabitant of a ward, and the spread will work in future to become symbol of rich green environment creation.

Flower of ward: Botan

In fallen leaves shrub native to China, height becomes 2-3m. Flower blooms on the tip of sprig by one in May, and size of garland becomes around 20cm. Color includes rouge, white, purple, yellow. In Kanazawa Ward, it was particularly famous for Botan of garden of old Nagashima's house whom Nojima had from the Edo era. It was called "Botan of soft-shelled turtle" from people, and 100 kinds of aged trees, large flower seemed to be in full glory beautifully until the early days of the Showa era.

Tree of ward: Wild cherry tree

With fallen leaves Takagi growing wild in the west, mountainous district of Shikoku, Kyushu from Kanto of Honshu, height becomes 15-20m. Flower and leaf open at the same time in spring, and flower with white or pink petal blooms. It was frequent in Japanese yen sea mountain ranges system such as Kamariya from the old days and, in the Kanazawa Ward, has been got close to people light flower in trees in spring.

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