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Tables of information for public facilities Kanazawa Ward open space in ward, amusement place

Last update date March 12, 2019

Amusement place of child
NoNameThe locationArea (m2)The setting year
1otsujiku4, Otsutomocho120S43
2Mutsuura3-15, Mutsuura140S26
3Futaba5-9, Mutsuura250S27
4Takaya2-13, Mutsuurahigashi419S29
5Takafunedai1-31, Takafunedai263S44
6Hakusan way2-33, Kamariyaminami500S42
7The Mutsuura third5-39, Mutsuura300S49
8Sakamoto7-19, Kamariyahigashi1,295S59
9Sea Haym KanazawaRow of trees 3-6264S63

Health open space
NameThe locationArea (m2)The setting year
Shonan eight beauty spots silver health open space2-22, Higashiasahina1,338H4

Sports open space
NameThe locationArea (m2)The setting year
Mutsuura sports open space3-27, Mutsuuraminami16, 061.55S63
Nagahama, flower dream sports open space6-19, Nagahama6,320H15

Open field of town
NameThe locationArea (m2)The setting year
shirayamado2-43, Kamariyaminami1, 301.67H5
Segasaki stand3-12, Mutsuurahigashi2, 543.69H5

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