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Kanazawa Ward Twitter (Twitter) Information

Final update date March 14, 2019

Operation Policy

Overview of Operation Policy
Account Name City of Yokohama, Kanazawa Ward @yokohama_KNZW
account URL (external site)
Transmission details Emergency: Disaster information, emergency information, etc.
Normally: Disaster prevention information, ward administration information and others
Management Officer Ward Administration Promotion Division
sender Emergency: Kanazawa Ward-disaster headquarters
Normally: General Affairs Division (Disaster Prevention Information), Ward Administration Promotion Division (ward administration information and others)
Whether or not to follow In principle, we will not do so.
Is there a reply? In principle, we will not do so.
Start of use February 15, 2012

Reading method


  • Please note that we do not reply or follow from Kanazawa Ward City in principle.
  • Suggestions and opinions to Yokohama City and Kanazawa Ward,"Proposals from citizens"Please send it to us from (Civic Affairs Bureau.
  • If you have any questions about how to use Twitter itself,Twitter Help Center (outside site)Please refer to.
  • Twitter is a service connected to the Internet for viewing. If you do not use the flat-rate plan when browsing from a mobile phone, etc., please note that communication charges may be high.

Inquiries to this page

Kanazawa Ward Ward Administration Promotion Division, General Affairs Department

Telephone: 045-788-7721

Telephone: 045-788-7721

Fax: 045-784-9580

Email address: [email protected]

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