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"Kanazawa Ward book-reading activities promotion target"

Last update date November 6, 2020

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"The regulations about promotion of book-reading activities of Yokohama citizen" were established in June, 2013 and were enforced on April 1, 2014.
We devise aim of book-reading activities promotion utilized characteristic of ward, and even Kanazawa Ward works on promotion of book-reading activities.

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"Kanazawa Ward book-reading activities promotion target" (PDF: 3,900KB)

Aim and concrete approach

We come to like more Kanazawa connected through book getting close to book

We get close to book

Through introductions of reading related facility in ward, anyone pushes forward environment creation which can get close to reading from infants to the elderly.

  • We introduce in map and support facility in ward where reading and rental of book are possible or periodical book-reading activities to be able to enjoy reading in familiar sphere of life.
  • We push forward the making of opportunity conflicting with book from infants including story-telling meeting which can participate in parent and child. In addition, through lecture or plan display, we raise interest in reading.
  • Further go ahead through reading support service (book of big printing type and extended reading device, meeting reading) to impaired person or introduction of information about foreign language and support society bringing up diversity.

We let go through and are connected to book

We send local book-reading activities and increase opportunities to get close to reading and support volunteer interchange and "connection" to play an active part in area.

  • We utilize day and book-reading activities month of reading and send book-reading activities which talks, and is performed in meeting and various facilities in ward including lecture and push forward the making of in reading with opportunity to get close to.
  • We carry out course for volunteer concerned with book-reading activities including story-telling and repair of book and promote approach that the leading figure of activity can enjoy.
  • We establish place made with information exchange and network including interchange between liaison meeting and reading volunteers of reading related facility and promote "connection" through book.
  • Around library, we deepen cooperation of approach of school, home, reading facility, child-care facility, volunteer group, and school, home, area raises interest in reading all in one body.

We come to like more Kanazawa

It increases history and culture of Kanazawa Ward, opportunities to lead to official notice, attractive discovery of Kanazawa Ward naturally through reading.

  • We are further enriched at "corner related to Kanazawa Ward" of library and introduce with writer, work related to Kanazawa widely.
  • Using tool which it is easy to get close to including picture-story show, we establish opportunity when we can touch folktale to reach history and nature, area of Kanazawa Ward.
  • We call for donation of material which school, facility, company, group in ward issues, and collection reads as valuable information knowing area.

With "the regulations about promotion of book-reading activities of Yokohama citizen"

  • We learn words and polish sensitivity and raise power of expression, creativity or book-reading activities makes a rich one and is important in wearing power to live in the life more deeply.
    Based on this idea, "the regulations about promotion of book-reading activities of Yokohama citizen" were established in June, 2013 and were enforced on April 1, 2014.
  • As duty of city, we devise measure about promotion of citizen's book-reading activities and carry out. In addition, in conduct of measure, we set aim to plan promotion of book-reading activities depending on regionality of ward.
  • We deepen civic interest about book-reading activities and understanding and we do 23rd every month with day of civic reading and, for promotion of book-reading activities, do November every year with citizen's book-reading activities promotion month.

Progress of "Kanazawa Ward book-reading activities promotion target" development

  • We investigated the book-reading activities situation in elementary and junior high school, facility (district center, community house), Yokohama City University, Kanto Gakuin University, prefectural Kanazawabunko.
  • We set up "Kanazawa Ward book-reading activities promotion Liaison Conference" by person concerned with use of school, inhabitant of a ward facility, library, ward office and examined aim draft.
  • We published draft of aim and, during period of from January 26, 2015 to February 16, raised opinions from inhabitants of a ward.

The present situation of book-reading activities in Kanazawa Ward

In Kanazawa library…

  • There is about 160,000 collection of books in Kanazawa library. We can order book which Kanazawa library does not have from public library in Yokohama City Library all the buildings and Kanagawa. Other than rental to individual, we perform group rental or group rental.
  • For children talk, and carry out meeting, guide course (repair or story-telling of book) of book-reading activities volunteer, various business including lecture.

In school, nursery school…

  • Function of library improved by school librarian having been assigned to special support school all elementary schools, junior high schools of Yokohama City Univ., and it was in environment where children were easy to get close to book more. Activities such as story-telling by protector and volunteer are carried out, too.
  • There is "citizen library room" in some elementary schools and rents book.
  • We rent picture book to parent and child during local child care in municipal nursery school and some private nursery schools.

In use of inhabitant of a ward facility…

  • Book section is to district center community house, welfare center for the old and some community care plazas, and reading of book loans. In use of inhabitant of a ward facility in ward, there is place where we talk and hold meetings regularly by volunteer.

At university…

[Yokohama City University] NACSIS (the eight beauty spots campus), medical information center (Fukuura campus)

[Kanto Gakuin University] University library (main building, annex, Kanazawabunko annex)

  • 20 years or older of the prefecture residence, working for the purpose of research applies and receives issuance (pay) of identification of use of effective citizen card (Yokohama City University)/use (Kanto Gakuin University) by the presentation of identity verification documents for one year, and reading and rental service in hall are available.

In special library…

[prefectural Kanazawabunko] Book reading room

[JAMSTEC] Yokohama Institute library

[fisheries study, education mechanism Natl. Res. Inst. of Fisheries Science] Book museum

[Kanazawa nature park] nonohana building

  • There is 5 building in special library which is available for the general use in ward and stores a lot of information about field of identification in these libraries. We loan and, except JAMSTEC, do not give a service, but, about the released collection of books, can read freely.

Volunteer activity…

  • In elementary and junior high school and various facilities in ward including district center community house, child care support facility, elderly welfare facility, zoo, reading volunteer works. Book-reading activities group of picture-story show or story-telling enrolls in Kanazawa inhabitant of a ward activity center and district center community house.

Kanazawa Ward General Affairs Department Regional Promotion Division (Phone: 788-7804, fax: 788-1937)
Kanazawa library (Phone: 784-5861, fax: 781-2521)

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